10 Best Tips For an Effective Email Marketing Strategy


Can you believe that 95% of businesses use email for everyday communication? Yes!!! Because they believe that email is the best communication channel to interact with their business prospects. An effective email marketing strategy could be a win-win solution for business success. This could bring positive results in a short period when implemented perfectly.

If you’re a newbie to the business world and looking for best tips for an effective email marketing strategy, you’re not alone.

Following are the hand-picked tips for an effective email marketing strategy

Know your target audience

Knowing and understanding your target audience is important to start. You need to send an email to the subscribers who are relevant and interested. This could happen only when you know your target audience before.

Question yourself

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are they interested in?
  • How can you enhance and develop your relationship with the target audience?

Every subscriber is different. Marketers with the half-knowledge will send the same email to all the subscribers. Don’t even dare to do that. Instead, when you send a relevant email to relevant subscribers will tend to generate more than 18 times of profits when compared to regular emails.

Knowing your target audience is powerful for every marketing strategy. Do proper market research in advance. Make sure the target audience selected from the demographics are right and interested one for your business products or services. Get to know about your target audience personally. Though this could be a tough process, when you interact with potential customers personally, you can know about their concerns. Finally, know your target audience and send email to save your time and efforts.

Make your emails interactive

Many marketers understand the true importance of interactive content. It includes something that customers click on or communicate with. As per the analysis, an interactive email will improve the click-to-open rates. Also, including video content to the email will boost the click rates to a maximum of 300%.

It’s important to send an interactive email and give your customers a clear call-to-action button. Therefore your customers will have a clear idea of what is the next step. Make sure, your email should be clean, clear and concise. 

Keep your email short

Do you think that your target audience has time to open and read your email? Probably NO. If you want to make your email open and read by the target audience, you need to keep it simple and short.

It’s no surprise that lengthy email will have a low response rate. If you’re someone who composes long emails then it’s time to change the path. Keep your email short and simple. Sending a short email will actually work. This way improves the response rate. How can you keep your email short?

  • Have a goal for every email
  • Set a length limit for all the emails
  • Make each word work
  • Check grammatical mistakes
  • Edit and send it to the target audience 

Make it personal

Humans are living in the age of personalization. Many businesses say that sending personalized emails is important to future success.

Add a personal element on every email you write. There are few marketing tools that allow entering shortcodes. These will be replaced with the recipient name, number and address while sending the email. A personalized email will drive a high open-rate, increase the click-through rate. On top of it, customers will get a positive impression on your brand.

Provide value

Modern customers are expecting more from the business. Showing the value to customers is important. Customers expect businesses to communicate with online and offline. With the huge competition in the market, businesses are seeking to attract attention from customers. 

Come up with creative ideas and provide better values to your customers. Customers visit various places every day such as email, TV, radio, social media and more. Interact with your customers to remain engaged. Keep a note, you need to offer something valuable. For example, offering coupons and exclusive discounts to your subscribers. Also, you can offer a “how-to” article to help your subscribers. These valuable services will drive excellent ROI.

Don’t forget to include links and call-to-action button

The ultimate aim of email marketing is to drive traffic to your website or a specific landing page. When you forget to include links then you’re simply wasting your time and money. “No Clicks = No Customers”. It’s important to include interesting attractive links that will provide an opportunity for customers to interact.

Links must be easily identified by the reader. Many people “Click Here” button and expect the reader to click on the link. Instead, link key phrases that will easily be identified by the reader. For example, Best Tips for Email Marketing Strategies. Before sending an email, make sure to click on all the links and ensure every link is redirecting to a right landing page.

Call-to-buttons are also important in the email campaign. A right CTA will turn leads into sales. There are several call-to-buttons such as Shop Now, Download, Read More, Subscribe and more. Use the perfect CTA according to your requirement.

Make emails mobile-friendly

Whenever you send an email, be aware that you’re sending to tons of subscribers. These subscribers can open an email on desktop, mobile, laptop or tablet. As the number of mobile users increases every day, many businesses are creating mobile-friendly emails. As per the analysis, more than 66% of emails are opened on mobile devices. When you don’t optimize your emails, then you’re missing something great. Simply put, you’ll miss a large number of clicks.

Approach best email marketing service

If you’re new to email marketing, building a list and sending personalized emails can take a lot of time and effort. Email marketing services are here to rescue you.

Email marketing services have been around for the past few decades. There are a few popular email marketing services such as Constant Contact and Mailchimp available in the market. But finding the best email marketing services can be a daunting task. No worries!!! Visit EmailToolReviews.com, compare their features, payment, support and more. Choose the right email marketing service that meets your needs and requirements.

Measure your results

Grow your business by measuring your results. Yes, you’ve heard it right. When you don’t keep an eye on your results, how will you improve email marketing campaigns? Impossible right!!! Measure and track your results every day. There are a few popular email marketing services available in the market. These tools will help you to track your results without hassles.

The in-detailed reports will offer complete information about the open rates, delivery rate, success rate, bounce rate, subscribers sharing the content, maximum clicked links and more. Whether you’re planning to understand about receipts or looking to increase the sales, reports will help you.

Make it easy to unsubscribe

A customer will unsubscribe to email when they receive too many emails from the brands. Though it can be a heart-breaking moment for the brands. But providing an unsubscribe option is important for you. When a customer doesn’t find an unsubscribe option, they will flag your emails as spam. Yes, this will cause serious issues in the future.

Unsubscribing customers from the email marketing campaign is healthy for your brand. Simply put, the unsubscribe button will avoid getting your email into the spam box.


Email is the most popular way of business communication. There are several benefits of an email such as cost-effective, fast, accessible and convenient. Also, people can easily transmit multiple kinds of information effectively. Businesses are implementing effective marketing strategies to increase their revenue. Among all the marketing techniques, email is one of the popular approaches used to interact with the customers or prospects. Good planning and measuring the results are the top priority while running an email campaign. You can also apply the above-mentioned email marketing strategies and improve your business. Start emailing!!!