There are many ways to market the business model. In online world it’s believe that content is king but very less know that Marketing is the Queen. Marketing is an art. Proper Marketing will give you a good result, but if you don’t research and just jump into it without knowing the basics then you will surely end up losing a hell lot of money and time also.

Targeting the proper audience is the most important thing. Once you know your audience then next step is to convince them to buy your product. At this point You can take help of Free Sweepstakes and contest.

To promote and grow business many companies are running their own sweepstakes program, take an example of Kroger, Kroger is one of the biggest retailer in United States. Before few years they have started their own Feedback Survey portal called Krogerfeedback where they invites their customers to take the survey and tell them about their recent store experience and in return they offer them free discount coupons and cash prize.

So, if you own any business and want to promote your products then here are top 10 ways to promote it via sweepstakes and great eye catching offers.

  1. Promote the giveaway at Check out

If you sell something, adding a hyperlink to your sweepstakes post checkout can be a excellent way for you to gather entrances. Since these people purchased something from you, they’ll probably be delighted to have the chance to win something.

2.Promote Products by Blogger Outreach

Bloggers are continuously seeking great articles to talk with their own audience. Compile a set of 10 or even 20 bloggers in your specialty, and get out to every one of these using a personalized email in regards to the sweepstakes you are starting, and the way you imagine that it will have been a fantastic fit due to their crowd if they’d be inclined to sell it to you personally.

3.Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a great way of converting traffic into buyers when done correctly. But how can you send an email if there isn’t a contact list? You cannot. However, you can start to construct one by conducting a competition and motivating participants to sign up for your monthly newsletter. Be sure you say that it comprises more exclusive competitions and promotions.

4.Make it feel Exclusive

You want to Maintain your Brand New Prospects Engaged Together along with your Own Brand, so you Desire To create them feel as members of a private club. Send your Navigation listing mails with offers or promotions tailored for them depending from the give away that they entered. Mention on your mails which all these are exclusive supplies only for them.

In Addition, You can encourage them to check out new attributes or provide them special usage of unreleased goods, contributor areas, and so forth

5.Create Giveaway using Tools

There are lots of methods to actually make a giveaway. You’re able to just throw a landing page and have people share this, and decide on a winner randomly. But, which could be quite a small hassle when you have no programming experience.

6.Make it more Viral

Adding a viral loop chucked into the giveaway can be important toward the results of your audience. If you are ready to make an entry method comprise sharing the give away with friends and relatives to earn entries, you’re gold.

7.Use Google AdWord for Promotion

If you’ve planned a budget to promote your sweepstakes, Afterward using Google AdWords can be a potent means to reach your ideal customer. It lets you Target particular keywords that people are searching for and have your own Pro motion show up from the search outcome.

8.Make Good & Attractive Sales Funnel

If you’re trying to enhance earnings with sweepstakes, you ought to focus your sales funnel around whatever it is that you’re available. Instead of directing visitors to your site to produce a buy, send them to the exact product page or establish a landing page to find your own product.

9.Outreach to Youtubers

There are some amazingly popular YouTube channels which might be an ideal partner to help promote your audience. Search for stations in your niche that have a fantastic amount of subscribers and check to make sure their videos have a nice number of views.

10.Provide Coupons with Products

There isn’t any better way to build sales than to provide a coupon or discount right on the actual sweep stakes web page. Once a user enters, you can give them a discount code to use on your own website.

So now We hope you know the tactics and idea to promote your product. In case if you have any other ideas let us know so that we can add them in this list.