10 creative Tips for Acquiring Customers and Growing Your Business


“Customer is King”, Don’t you agree? At the end of the day, all companies strive for is to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Be it a small organisation or large, to grow your business you need to acquire customers. In short, customers are key to grow any business. 

In a market, hundreds of companies are offering similar products or services to customers. Thanks to technology, new business and new methods are evolving each day. All this has provided the customer with a lot of choices to choose from. So as an organisation, if you want to grow your business and acquire new customers then you must up your game. 

As you know, if you don’t meet customers requirements, they can easily shift to your competitors and losing a customer will only affect your business. With time organisations understand the business and their customers better. But expanding and growing your business takes a lot of time and effort.

If you’re planning to acquire new customers then you must consider the customer acquisition costs too. These are the costs incurred by a company to convince its potential customers. Increased technological improvements have opened new avenues to acquire customers. 

If you’re wondering how to acquire new customers, then here are a few tips that can help you in acquiring customers.

Existing Customers

If you’re planning to acquire new customers then don’t forget to tap into your existing customers. Wondering how they can help you? If your existing customers are satisfied with your business then they will provide you with an opportunity to reach into their network. They have the power to help you acquire new customers. 

When they’re satisfied with your products they will put in a good word about your brand to their family and friends. Their word of mouth may increase your customer base. Referrals from your existing customers are good leads. Tapping into your existing network is the best strategy to acquire customers. As you have gained the trust of your existing customers, you can leverage it. 

Expand your network

Depending on the existing network is an excellent idea to improve your customer base but that doesn’t mean you can solely rely on it. You must expand your network too. Because depending only on existing networks may not help you. It is time you take matters into your hands and work on improving your network. Wondering how? You can start by socializing and interacting with people on social media platforms. Build trust within your existing network, create long-term relationships and remember to follow-up. If you want to expand your network and yield good benefits from it then you must follow up. 

You can also attend events, form partnerships, join organisations etc. Not to forget, attending the industry gatherings will help you in building a relationship with your peers in the industry. These events and gathering are the best to grow your network. 

Content marketing

Content is the foundation of any business. It generates more leads than any other marketing methods and costs 60% less than all these traditional marketing approaches. Putting consistent effort and publishing content frequently will put you in the spotlight and you would receive attention from your targeted audience. 

You can publish new content or refresh your content. Your content shows that you’re actively engaging in the industry. It helps you in gaining both customer attention and trust. You can publish all forms of content such as blog posts, guides, videos, ebooks, etc. If your content is engaging, it will put you in front of the right audience and help you in acquiring new customers.

Free giveaways & trials

If people are not showing interest in your products, then try offering something for free. You don’t have to give hundreds of free products to attract your targeted audience attention. Offering free trials may also work. Free trials and giveaways are the extra push that customers need to consider your products. It is a great way to tap into the market and attract attention. 

If a customer liked your trial products they may come back for more. Sometimes offering free giveaways may also help you in receiving the attention of your customers. When you offer free trials and giveaways, you are showing your potential customers what you can offer. If you’re successful in it, then you can easily convert your leads. You can even conduct contests to gain attention from the audience. These contests are the most effective way to build your email subscriber list and acquire new customers.


The best way to acquire new customers is to highlight your existing customers. Confused? Imagine you have visited two websites to purchase a product. One of them has many positive testimonials from their happy customers. While another one only has information about the product. Which one would you consider? Most people would choose to purchase from the website with testimonials. 

Testimonials are proof that the organisation will deliver its promises. When a customer is satisfied with your services and has a positive experience with your organisation, then ask them to provide you with a testimonial. These testimonials will help you in attracting new customers. It will strengthen your relationship with your existing customers and help you in building trust with your new customers.


SEO optimize your content for search engine. Optimising your content will make it easier for your target audience to find you. Technology has brought many notable changes to the business. People now search for a business in the search engine. So it is important for your business to maintain its online presence well. SEO is as important as your content. If your content is optimised for the search engine. 

It will become more visible and discoverable for the targeted audience. You can use industry-related keywords in your content. It will bring traffic to your website. A well-optimised content has the capacity to convert your targeted audience. When your optimising it is important to optimise your landing pages well. It is where your customers are directed to your products or services. It must have all the important information about the products and services and a compelling call-to-action to facilitate conversions.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest but most effective strategies an organisation can use to attract new customers. It helps organisations to connect and build a relationship with the customers. Your email will also be based on which stage your customers are in the customer acquisition process. For customers, in the first two stages, you can send content that initiates customer engagement. 

Once you pass that stage and they are interested in your products then you can send them emails with information regarding your products. These emails can help them in making a purchase decision and for customers, in the final stage, you can send emails with promotional offers and discounts to motivate them into purchasing your products. When you customize the emails understanding a customer preference they will be highly satisfied and the opening rate for the email will also be high. You can even engage with your existing customers using email marketing. As it helps you in strengthening the bond with your customers and targeted audience.

Host an Event

People like to experience a brand not just read or see about it online. Hosting an event can give your brand the exposure it needs. It will allow your brand to understand your audience preferences better and it provides a platform for the audience to understand your organisation better. It even provides your audience with a chance to interact with your brand on a personal level. You can host either an in-person or an online webinar event through webinar software. These events can change improve brand awareness of your organisation too. 

Track your competitor

Don’t forget to keep track of competitors. Track their marketing tactics, traffic, social mentions, products, backlinks etc. To stay ahead of them you must see what they are doing and how they are doing. You can see the audience and the demographics they’re targeting to understand more about the audience in the market and improve your customer acquisition strategy. It even helps you in understanding more about your targeted audience and the trends in the market.

Social Media

You will find everybody on social media platforms. Don’t you agree? It is hard to find a person without a social media account. It has improved connection with people and allows you to share your personal or professional life. This is why many popular brands are using social media. It allows you to get closer to your existing customers and interact with new customers. 

Tagging and mentioning your customers in posts can give you a chance to tap into their follower’s list. It is important to optimise your profile and add your website link in the profile to drive more traffic to your website. Keep your social media presence intact and make sure you interact with your audience and improve your bond with customers. You can also run ads on social media platforms to attract your targeted audience.