10 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing


In today’s advanced digital network, email marketing is the best way to remain popular in the minds of existing customers while coping up with the potential leads. Strong and effective email marketing tactics grow brand awareness as well as help in spreading out a word about the content and company related news.

Email lists frame an exceptionally basic piece of any email marketing. Such lists are amazingly valuable as they can help in transforming endeavors into a fruitful investment. With running time, people expect individuals in the rundown to be faithful. In any case, for a beneficial email marketing, there are rules and regulations that everyone should remember when fabricating and keeping up an email list.

The following are the 10 Do’s and Don’t of Email Marketing:

  1. Conduct A/B Testing and Track Metrics

Interpretations like how well the email campaign is running and how strong the response is are known easily by conducting A/B testing. This test gives hypothetic results on the data that are meant to improve as well as help in pushing the campaign to the next level. bounce rate, click through rate, inbox placement rate and unsubscribe rate. A/B test includes all these to make a strategic way of forwarding email in the right direction.

A/B test can include image placement and design status, subject line. More and more the testing emails result in capturing and analyzing the statistics effectively.

  1. Segment the email list

The greatest way to leverage email marketing is through the targeted audience. Dividing the email list and modifying according to them with respect to the demographics and customer satisfaction(likes and dislikes) and so on. For those who have diversified customer base, this could be the best target to reach the recipients. Make a habit of reacting with people based on the target group language or tone. However, the marketer who follows these may be appreciated.

  1. Immense quality in quantity

People buy email lists to push emails to sign up so they can get impressive subscriptions in return. A long email list is an effective way to attract subscribers. If the audience in this list doesn’t open the email, then it is said to be a useless way.

So it is suggested to target those subscribers who extremely react to the emails and scale back when needed. This can increase the click-through rate to the content. Set up a re-engagement campaign that creates active members on the list. Engaging with the subscribers and getting them back within short break is important.

  1. Be  interesting, personal, and relevant

Being possessive and relevant in the email marketing brings an effective change in the lust. Competing with the trends in email marketing, methods of approaching customers has been changed. People like to be special when they are meant for doing certain things uniquely. So it is suggested to be unique and interactive to the clients and prospects who build business relationships. Every business transaction happens via email marketing. So put efforts in getting good results.

  1. Enable messages to be short

People really don’t have time for reading the entire email. They don’t want to leisure their time reading lengthy and wordy emails. They want a quick and easy mode of emails that are doesn’t take much time for reading. Always try to include more about the industry or company that is focused on. Email engagement happens only if the email is short and simple. Quick emails contain useful and integrated content.

  1. Slice of Spam Laws

Email communication hasn’t been wild. Laws outlined with many restrictions are to be implemented in every campaign. But there is no manual spamming of emails. Every step of an email shouldn’t include misleading and false information. Avoid using regional communication. Be professional and prompt the absolute information. Avoid spammy dialects in the email subject line.

  1. Don’t buy email lists

As a capable and trustworthy email marketer, this is one thing that ought to completely, unquestionably never do, except if obviously, needed to be named a spammer. While purchasing or leasing lists may appear to be an efficient methodology for the time being, it will assuredly return hoping to frequent later. The possibility of a decent email campaign is to contact individuals who will purchase services/products to register. Purchased and leased lists regularly give a cluster of prospects who will most likely never open the email. The area may wind up being blacklisted by email and web access suppliers rendering the whole email campaign purposeless.

  1. Don’t fail to test email

Testing email is an interesting idea where 2 versions of digital marketing assets are tested which performs a better determination in creating an effective email marketing. Testing helps in and playing around messaging, subject lines, images, colors that help users respond to different options.

  1. Don’t use words that set off spam filters

Emails with unprofessional language and traditional marketing slogans cannot attract customers. Single quote messages in the subject line should be avoided. Users neglect to open the complete email because of this. Avoid using symbols and characters in the email that reflect symbols and digits when opened in mobile.

  1. Don’t make a content reconsideration

Executing an email campaign require a dedicated focus in segmenting the lists and building out emails. In campaigns and newsletters, content is a component of emails. There is a need for paying attention to the content shared in emails. Strategically it is required to map email marketing efforts with the content to obtain success.


Besides all the above, marketers shouldn’t lose their patience in marketing their business using email marketing. List building and management consume a lot of time. Because if anything is initiated in place, benefits are seen in terms of better responses and higher open rates. For a successful email campaigning, start implementing the above do’s and don’ts for attaining the success.