10 effective ways to hire and retain millennial employees


How To Keep Your Staff Happy At Work

Do you want to make your staff happy at work? Do you want to make sure that the new member of the crew wants to hang around longer instead of jumping ship for a better opportunity? I have some helpful tips on how you can do that, especially when it pertains to your newest recruits, particularly Millenials that are natural go-getters.

1) Some companies like to draw their employees in with various perks, including catered lunches every day and happy hours at the bar. That might get them in the door, but it will not make them stay. I can tell you that I worked for a company that did that on the occasion. No matter how many catered lunches they offer, it will not hide the unhappiness they feel.

You need to keep the workplace free and positive. Invite your staff to feel like they are part of the solution, not just someone who works there. Company culture will beat free perks any day.

2) Millenials do not like to be called “millennials.” We have got to stop labeling people. That is part of the problem.

“Oh, it is understandable. He is a millennial!”

You cannot make it a generational thing which many of them do. We are all on the same team here. The rule applies most significantly to critiques. Negative criticism is not because the person is a millennial. It is happening because the person is not doing something they should be doing. The aptitudes need to be addressed, not the age. Millennials are smarter than you think they are.

3) Critiques

One way to foster a positive workplace is to focus on positive critiquing. Some bosses focus on the negative for one reason or another. I have worked with my fair share of those people in my younger days.

Do you have something about their performance that has to be addressed before you can move on? Try to find the right way of talking about. The right implementation tools can help. Visit to find more about Sten10 Business Psychology Consultancy.

Using the right psychology when you address specific issues at work can help to ease their mind. The right psychology lets them know you are not out to get them. You are trying to get them to focus on improving their performance so they can stay. Most bosses do not like firing someone just because they are performing low in one area or another. Your goal is to open their eyes so they can make the necessary changes. Otherwise, their performance will follow them into the next job the get.

4) Put their minds at ease. Employees who know you are not out to get them will perform better on the job. You stand less chance of getting your employee to stay if they already know you are looking for a reason to get rid of them. I went through that with one of my last bosses. It was not fun.

5) Millennials are like anyone else. They are hungry for new things. They want to move up in the chain of command. You are not going to keep anyone around if they know they have no shot of moving up in the company ladder. You have to give a person a reason to stay. Otherwise, you have already lost them. I speak from personal experience on that one.

6) Some people need more coaching than others. It does not mean their performance will be less, it just means they need more than others. Failing to provide that will result in you losing someone on your team. They will look for someone who can provide for their needs.

7) People like to receive recognition for their achievements. Provide it and they will be happier.

8) Your staff wants to see you give back. You cannot simply talk the talk. You need to walk the walk.

9) Help them when they ask instead of acting like they are a burden on the company.

10) Make them feel like part of the family.