10 Mobile phone tips


Mobile phone tips:

Just like a computer or a laptop the mobile phone too has unlimited functionality. But what a person can do with the mobile phone depends on the software that is installed in the phone and how the accessories are used. The following are some things that can be done with ease with any phone.

1. You can display your phone’s screen over a computer monitor or an LCD projector to convert your phone into a presentation device. you can do this through the help of a special adaptor which can be bought on many stores online.

2. You can connect your phone to the external speakers to use it as a music player. The adaptor cable is very cheap and are available at many online stores or at electronic stores. Most of these adapter cables adapt to the output socket of your phone.

3. You can use your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotpsot. This option is available on all the Android phone and the iPhone 4. For Windows phone it is the mobile Wi-Fi router that allows your phone’s internet connection as Wi-Fi hot spot. So you can use the internet connection of your phone to connect other devices to the internet.

4. You can connect your smart phone to a printer to get a print of your files and documents. iOS and Android OS have many printing application. With a windows mobile phone you can print your emails, texts and files suing the app “PocketWhere”. This will connect to the Wi-Fi network and you can print files on printers connected to these networks.

5. You can remotely access your personal computer using your mobile phone. This needs a software called “LogMeIn” with which you can control your PC from any PC or mobile phone connected to the internet.

6. You can send and receive faxes on the mobile phones. Some of the mobile phones are able to send and receive fax. For those who lack this facility you can download the app cortado fax that is available for windows, Blackberry and Symbian OSs.

7. You can even cook an egg using your mobile phone. Just put two phones on either side of the egg and a music player next to them. Call one phone using the other and turn the music on imitate the conversation between the two phones. In one hour your egg will be ready.

8. If you have left your car keys inside and the door is locked then you can remotely open the car door using your phone. If you have a spare key at home, then call someone home and ask them to press the key form home while holding it close to the phone. While they do this you have to stay at minimum of 20 cm from the car door. The lock will open. This trick has worked for most of the phones.

9. Mobile phones are available in all price ranges.These days you can discover a full range of premium to cheap mobile phones. You can get cheap mobile phones from China.

10. Mobile phones act as a remote control to your home appliances, but you old ones that have an IR port and so can be used as a remote control.