10 must have skills for a digital marketing expert

digital marketing

 Modern digital marketing training and certification should have in their arsenal a large set of skills. This is an understanding of all possible media channels and the ability to identify all available opportunities, and certainly, have a brilliant knowledge of the marketer. Moreover, for the success of their company, they must have an ideal balance of critical and creative thinking.

In search of an ideal marketer, a universal list of the criteria for skills that such a specialist should possess is compiled. 15 members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) were interviewed. Their best answers about what they are looking for when hiring digital marketers are listed below for you in the article:

1.Ability to understand the paid advertising of social networks

A new layer of digital marketing staff sets its own rules. A company specialist who regularly advertises on social networks is simply obliged to understand well-paid mass media, especially through Facebook or a similar social platform. He should be able to understand and implement the analytics, come up with and create “bots”, constantly monitor the user audience, experiment and test the creative ideas of the company of its image. And in doing so, he must, absolutely, be safe for the social landscape of the media and his own company.

2.Sales skills

Companies that have been hiring their marketing staff for many years have come to the conclusion that people with sales experience become much better marketers than those who did not have this experience. They know how to interact with people and turn them into sales opportunities. Despite the fact that digital marketers cannot do the transactions themselves, they must necessarily know how sales occur. If they only know the theory of sales, they will spend their valuable marketing dollars without creating qualified opportunities for your sales team.

3.The expertise in specific marketing channels

There are a large number of marketers who praise the merits of all conceivable sales channels: email, SEO, SMM, social, etc. And many of them can work for you simultaneously, but the key to a successful marketing strategy  will always be just a few channels that you need to use really well. Often this means a good understanding of the dynamics of this marketing channel and the need to use these dynamics for a particular company.

4.Ability to analyze quantifiable indicators

Now, more than ever, it is vital to be able to quantify the value of investments in marketing and advertising. The struggle for the championship in the market no longer wins through percentage points. It is necessary to make the right choice every time to promote your product a little forward at every opportunity. Gone are the days when you could guess about the effectiveness of the campaign based on simple sales numbers. Tracking the page, combined with analytics and software metrics – these are tools for marketers. And every progressive company expects from its team members,

5.The ability to perform and analyze “drip” marketing campaigns

Recently, “advanced” marketers use the term “drip marketing” (drip marketing). Of course, this is a beautiful name and it is primarily about automating marketing. But this is not just automation; it has its own characteristics. Such marketing is one of the key skills of the driving generation. This is an individual process of interaction of your company with a potential buyer, the nature of your activities at the same time depends on what stage of your funnel is your lead.

6.Sometimes this process is called Lead Nurturing

The “drip” marketing campaign is not the collection of email addresses for the whole newsletter; it is a large collective campaign. It’s about personalized, well thought out written communication, which varies depending on the actions performed with the help of seven deeply, thought out in the campaign letters. There can be a lot of variations that require analytical and strategic thinking. When the art of communication acquires the forms of fundamental science, increasing conversion, then exceptional marketing appears.

7.The combination of creativity and analytical skills

Digital marketing equally requires both creative and analytical thinking, so you need to find a candidate capable of both types of thinking. Many new candidates want to focus only on one side. But for a new generation marketer, it is very important to combine the qualities of “art and science” for each digital project. Digital marketing allows us to be very measurable even in beautiful creative campaigns. With the help of analytics, we can predict and calculate future PR strategies.

8.Good copy and visual storytelling abilities

Digital media, unlike any other before them, are a visual copy of the environment they control. Our social heart rejoices every time it is clicked twice. Making copies and reposts visualizing these effects, they each time affects our emotional strings. Understanding these truths and the ability to manipulate these two elements is crucial in the modern digital marketing landscape.

9.Pleasant personality

Building relationships in such a vast space as digital marketing, any person can go a very long way. Contact a huge number of people: bloggers, journalists and just influential people, your digital marketer should always be ready for someone to necessarily want to stand out and attract attention. And the situation when you are sandwiched between two different opinions as between a hammer and an anvil is the everyday routine of a marketer. The same applies to maintain relationships within the team. The presence of a pleasant personality in your company plays a huge role, but employers often forget about it.


If you say in an interview that you have a clear understanding of social media and the mobilization of brands, then you should be very easy to do the same with your own account. And everyone who employs a specialist can make his final choice, considering a specialist including this side. Thus, when you are looking for such a specialist by name in the social set, his page must necessarily tell you something. And preferably it should be on all the same platforms that you want to use for your customers. Communication skills and present yourself, should be in the marketer in most social platforms.