10 Reasons To Start A Company In Switzerland


Switzerland, the place so much known for its beauty doesn’t lag behind on the list of the topmost places for starting a business.  Switzerland is one of the most profitable business locations in Europe. The Liberal market conditions of this place along with a future-oriented research and technology base positions the country as an open and a favorable location for domestic and foreign businesses alike.

It thus attracts firms interested in setting up new businesses, or as one may say, company formation Switzerland every year. The causes behind this immense popularity are listed below :

  1. Switzerland has a very strong economy and currency amongst other places in Europe.


  1. The Liberal tax system of this place is very beneficial for setting up and running a business.


  1. Labor market: We are very much accustomed with the fact that a very high percentage of labor is required to setup and run a business, even more if it is a new one.


  1. Important financial center: It is the Head office of multinational firms, making it a hub of promotion and marketing.


  1. High level of education and innovation and the high quality of life over here is an assurance of the success of every worthy budding business to be successful. The locals of Switzerland have high beliefs in innovation and are very encouraging towards such ideas.


  1. It has highly productive suburbs and a regulatory environment for reliable business to flourish, with a population with the highest purchasing power in the world. This clearly shows how financially stable Switzerland is.


  1. Another important factor is efficient and reliable administration of the Switzerland government, which is also politically and financially stable. Switzerland has a very long tradition of economic and financial stability as mentioned before, that result in low inflation rates, as well as low interest rates.


  1. Outstanding monetarily stable public infrastructure with Low Value Added Tax (VAT) compared to many European Union (EU) countries.


  1. Highly educated workforce, which is needed whenever a new business is to be setup along with capital and labor for company formation Switzerland .


  1. The country has a high budget for research and development (R&D) and technology, this clearly symbolizes that such a great place Switzerland is, for a budding as well as a flourishing business. The research and development work already being carried on in this place makes it’s financially strong and way ahead of many other nations in the world.


All these reasons sum up to make Switzerland a place for every person who wants have a huge beginning to his business carrier and company as well. A business-friendly government is what a business man majorly aims for before setting up a new company that too in a new country. Switzerland is a country with moderate taxation it is consistently ranked among the top business-friendly countries in the world, with every welcoming trait for new businessmen. The legal system in Switzerland stands really very strong with guaranteed protection of free competition and property ownership.