Making your business flourish is a good idea as it is essential that you do everything necessary in your capacity to reach and appeal your customer base. Statistics have shown that Nowadays people make use of their mobile device to surf the internet than they do on pc. As a result, you need to let your website be mobile friendly using mobile web design so that people can locate and browse your site without stress. Just like social media and search engine sites (i.e., Facebook and Google), they focus their efforts on Mobile actions as they have discovered people love to go mobile performing their day-to-day activities than using any other alternative means. These big companies also know that you and I will always prefer to go Mobile; all because of its comfort and for the fact that they know all businesses will later go mobile.

So now that we have a better understanding of the direction of the market, here are ten reasons to make your website mobile friendly.

  1. People use their mobile device everywhere: from shopping online to booking flight appointments. Consumers want to enjoy the conveniences of shopping and making plans on the go. People love to check on a website as they think of it, at the same time accomplishing tasks on their growing to do list no matter where they may be. If your site is not mobile friendly, you will lose customers that falls within this category.


  1. Google favors mobile-friendly websites: Back in 2015, Google categorically announced their inclinations for mobile-friendly websites. Which indicates that they give more considerations to a site that allows mobile visibility to rank on search engine. One of the things that Google’s algorithms check is mobility friendliness. You can as well check if your website is mobile friendly on Google to be sure.


  1. You have a competitive advantage: with recent research carried out by website programmers. The result shows that sixty percent of the website that exists is not mobile friendly, which is the advantage you have to beat them to the top of search engine for more visibilities.


  1. It benefits your reputation: the reputation of your business is everything you need to keep it standard. Customers always appreciate a good website when they see it most especially when it is mobile-friendly. You should still target what will make your customers happy each time they come across or choose to visit your website.


  1. It keeps your credibility: a mobile-friendly site helps you to build credibility in the heart of your customers and influencers within your industry. Allow your website give visitors a mobile-friendly environment so they can recognize your business as a resource that offers helpful information and excellent product and services.


  1. It is now a standard practice: an excellent and outstanding business is expected to be mobile-friendly. Responsive website will make customers believe that you are capable of taking care of them when they patronize you. Ensure you provide uniformity whenever a customer tries to either visit your website, read your emails or visit your brick or mortar store.


  1. Makes it easy to target customers: for the fact that it is easy to browse website on the phone, it also makes it easy for website owners to target customers who visit different sites from the phone. Your website will be given more extensive exposure if only you can make it mobile-friendly.


  1. Your website will be seen as modern and relevant: your site may offer valuable products or service on the market that solves one problem or the other. But if your website mobile visibility is weak or does not exist, your company will be seen as an unserious element encouraging people to seek help elsewhere. However, a mobile-friendly website will appear to people like its legit, contemporary and ready to compete with others in your industry. It is a smart way of getting your foot in the door with their smart phones.


  1. You will have a good customer base: mobile-friendly websites helps to build a good customer base. Most especially for those that are into real online e-commerce websites. It makes it easier for you to develop your customer base and helping you market your business to them efficiently once they are on your list.


  1. Source of encouragement: having a mobile-friendly website makes your business looks catchy and encouraging when people visit.


With the level and rate at which the digital landscape is evolving, websites that are not mobile friendly are gradually becoming defunct. Over time, more sites that are mobile-friendly will emerge thereby pushing those that do not have a mobile-friendly environment out of reach. With the above-explained ten reasons why your website should be mobile friendly, you should know and understand better why it is essential for you to make your website mobile-friendly.