Are you having plans of becoming a web developer? Or are you in love with programming languages and want to learn them? Well, a good place to start is the by learning the JavaScript. JavaScript is a very important tool when it comes to anything that has to do with a computer. Computer coding is one of the hottest skills to acquire in the world today, almost everything big company or organization requires people with these skills. There are so many programming languages that are available and can be read and understood by various computers, the most popular programming languages include; C++, Python, R and as well JavaScript. Every language has its advantages and disadvantages; they were developed for a particular reason to help improve the technology of the present day.  JavaScript is most of the time been referred to as a starting point for every programmer.

The JavaScript is said to be a high-level, interpreted programming language that is related to the ECMAScript specification and is also characterized as dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based and multi-paradigm. JavaScript is one of the three main technologies that make up the World Wide Web, together with HTML and CSS.  The JavaScript is what enables interactive web pages and therefore making it an important part of web applications. A large number of websites on the internet today make use of it, also almost all web browsers are equipped with a JavaScript engine for execution. When you are able to code in JavaScript, it feels like you have the key the whole internet. The JavaScript is been used on a lot of platforms and devices and is also the most popular programming language in the world.

The JavaScript is a very important programming language that every web developer or programmer should learn. It has a lot of benefits and is gradually becoming the wave of the future. The following below are reasons why you should consider learning the JavaScript as a programmer. They are as follows;

JavaScript is everywhere

In the present world, JavaScript is applied widely and can be found running in almost everywhere you go due to the fact that it has been in existence for nearly two decades and has blended in with the growing technology. Amazon, eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn are the world’s most utilized websites that harbor millions of users every day and these websites were all built on JavaScript. Also, web browsers are among the most used applications on both desktop and mobile devices by users. JavaScript will increase in popularity over the years as more traffic is been directed to web browsers.

JavaScript Skills offers good payment

JavaScript skills can be a very lucrative one to have on your resume as it continues to provide lots of job opportunities for different people in the tech industry. Some of the highest paid programmers in the tech industry are JavaScript developers. Reports in the United States have shown that the average salary of a JavaScript developer is over $110,000. Businesses can alternatively You can use javascript software development company instead of hiring.

Almost everything is run by JavaScript

Smartphones, desktops, ATMs, medical devices, Kindles, and more are platforms where JavaScript run on, this can possibly equal a total number of more than 5 billion devices in the world. It operates on the server with node j.s, since 1995 web browsers have been equipped with JavaScript, it also works on Internet Of Things Devices, it is used to build mobile apps, it is used to develop desktop apps, it can also be used to power smart TVs, create music and next-generation art.

It serves as a building block for other programming languages

JavaScript is a very important language to learn whether you’re starting from scratch or moving from one programming language to the other. It is regarded as a great building block because JavaScript teaches you to reason and see as a programmer. Due to the fact that it is object-oriented programming (OOP) language, you will only require a certain level of logic for you to be able to master JavaScript.

There is high demand for JavaScript developers

Coding a website today requires a programming developer who knows JavaScript very well. If the backend of the website is coded in Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js or a different code, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the front end is going to need a JavaScript developer to be composed properly. Many companies would require this service because they want the best out of their website and this will raise the demand for developers with a JavaScript skill set.

Easy to learn

JavaScript is recognized as the easiest programming language to learn, only if the knowledge is obtained from the right source. The foundation is very essential and once you are good with the basics, you will be ready to catch up with increasingly complicated skills. You don’t have to be a genius or have a Ph.D. to be incredible at it.

Video game development

With the knowledge of JavaScript, you can be a professional game developer. JavaScript and HTML 5 can work hand in hand to build an entertaining but very straightforward first-person shooter games, or complex first-person strategy games. It is an important tool used by game developers worldwide.

It can help create a money making blog

With the help of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 skills, you can host your blogs yourself and not rely on and blogging platform to do so. You can design everything on the blog to suit your taste and unique specifications so that your website stands out from every other blog you might have come across. This could generate some cash for your personal use.

User interactions

As a developer, user interaction is one of the most beneficial experiences you would like to have and control, it doesn’t matter if you go for something interactive and dynamic or something simple and highly functional. With the knowledge of JavaScript, these user interactions can be manipulated in many reliable and effective ways. You will be equipped with skills to build amazing user interaction experiences such as the online interactive resume by Robby Leonardi which is awesome and crazy.

It has an active and vibrant community

A good coding community provides any programming language help and support to enable them last long in the tech industry. No matter how good a programming language is, it needs one. The JavaScript community provides a benefit that other programming languages fail to provide and consists of over 9 million developers all over the world. This vibrant community consists of active forums to help support every developer in the community.  Due to the longtime JavaScript has spent in the tech industry, it is hard to find a JavaScript related problem in the community because any question you can think of has already been asked by someone else and has also been answered in the same community. This is an encouragement for a novice in JavaScript because you can easily find solutions to your issues when you encounter one.

The above are reasons why every programmer should learn JavaScript, there are many other programming languages to learn but this is a good way to start because no other programming language is as versatile as JavaScript. Get attached to the JavaScript programming community today, and attain more knowledge about it.