Are you planning to start a business? Looking for a software developer or customer care executive? As a startup company, you need to focus on multiple things, right from hiring the right person to managing a budget. Among which speed and control are the two core things that you need to concentrate on. Both go hand by hand to make your company successful.

With ultra speed, your product or service will be launched in a short time.  The control allows you to gain the benefits of your company success.

Speed and control are tradeoffs for startup companies. Though you’ve built the product successfully, there are few things you’re responsible for – you need to manage the product, market and also run your company. Looks like a scary story? Here comes a solution for you. Make your process quick way by outsourcing. It’s a great idea!!

For startup and small business, hiring a software developer is hard. Since the labour cost for a programmer is expensive. Also, It’s difficult for a business to design a complete spectrum of its software from scratch. Can you imagine building a product without a programmer? Impossible right.

Outsourced software development can be a smart idea. This could be the right option for companies to reach their digital transformation objective and goals. Also, reduces risk and maintains a cost-effective approach.

Following are hand picked reasons why you should outsource software development:

Reduces cost

Are you running a successful business? You might be facing multiple issues. There is a large category of budget associated such as salaries of your in-house employee, recruitment cost, environment costs, onboard training and development, maintenance etc. As per a recent survey, a business can save over 83% on operating costs by outsourcing software development. Do you know the fact, though the work is similar, salaries will be different from one country to another. That means a significant difference in salaries in developed & developing nations.

Outsourcing provides excellent economies of scale. The cost savings means during increased production. Hence the budget price is reasonable for many businesses to offshore software processes than to carry it in-house.


There are new technologies evolving every day. When your client wants a product with the latest technology. And, you don’t have enough time to learn. Outsourced software development would be helpful. Since you don’t have to spend time on extended recruiting or give training to the employees.

Therefore your team can concentrate on a mission-critical process which is required for running a business and development process. As a result, the maximum amount can be given to various teams – customer executive, marketing, HR and business maintenance.

Have you thought about working on a project-to-project scenario? This is a great way. No pressure is involved. You can keep your software programmers on the wages as soon as the product gets completed.

Get highly professional service

An in-house team can assign a project to a fresher who has no real time experience. There is no doubt, with basic technical skills a fresher can work on small projects. But consider large projects, will you take the risk? Outsourcing can promise you with a professional team. They are not hired for help, but they’re business partners. Since you actually need a partner rather than an employee to get a large project to succeed.

You are looking for a vendor who can understand the goal of your project. Don’t get stuck between the people who cannot help you. Outsourcing can help you to complete the project quicker and low cost compared to in-house.

Saves time

As a business entrepreneur, every minute is precious for you. How do you feel when your time gets wasted with unnecessary things. Outsourcing software development not only saves your budget but also your time. Yes, you heard it. You don’t need to spend time figuring out, studying materials, or searching for a professional developer. It’s easy to take the one which is ready-made and functions perfectly on the market.

IT outsourcing allows a project to start and execute faster.  Gathering an IT team in-house meets your requirement may take years.

Outsourcing has an expert team, who works in an effective way. You will have a transparent set of time constraints. With a well-organized team, your product will be delivered on time.

Meeting customer requirement and expectations

Reaching customers expectation is important for any business. Sometimes In-house team can fail while reaching a customer’s requirement. In such a situation, you’re missing out something big. Satisfying customer’s requirement is prior in any business. A professional outsourcing team can assist you completely in research and identify your potential buyer’s personas.

Taking enough time to engage in buyers persona research and development allows you to clearly understand the potential audience a better way. Therefore you can easily build a project according to client requirement.  

Short term projects

Working on long term project is complex then short term projects. Don’t you agree? Because short term project generates better revenue within a short period.

If you’re looking for short-term engagement who can easily conversant with the latest technology. What is the initial step you perform? Hiring an in-house team. This process can be time-consuming and inflate the high cost. Thereby you can watch out a decrease in the revenue of the short term projects.

In such cases, turn your head towards outsourcing. With flexible team augmentation software for your project. The services offer huge benefits of short-term project commitment. Ultimately, increase the ROI, saves cost, flexibility in testing and development.

Focused Strategy

Every company has a set of strategies to build a project. These strategies may vary from one to another. Building a product with a focused strategy is imperative. Outsourcing is a powerful strategy to streamline your business processes. Basically, you’ll be having a focused approach to grow a competitive edge in this digital world.

Outsourcing will make time for you!! These companies have time to concentrate its resources on becoming top in the race. Also, allowing it to grow into the latest and on-going markets trends. A focused strategy will be introduced to develop your product. Therefore it frees up the resources for other business activities. Consider human resources, handling HR team is complicated and costly. You can allow an outsourcing method to look further about your software and testing issues. Since you’ll be focusing on other business functionalities.

On-time delivery

You need to deliver the project within a short time. If you’re planning to hire a group of people to execute the project. Can you imagine the time and budget? Lots of time and money is required. Rather than hiring a new team, you can outsource the required skills for a short period. Outsourcing resources on-demand ensures each process of development and testing is delivered on or before a defined timeline.

Outsourcing helps to address everything in the project, right from analysis to testing. Therefore each phase of your project development is delivered on-time. Ascertaining the output of the project is aligned with respect to client specification and requirement.

Improved compliance

Have you ever think about the international professional to develop your product? For this, you require legal compliance right. With outsourcing, you can get access to the international software development team. No need to worry about legal procedure. Since an outsourcing company will handle everything, right from paperwork to customs. So you get a chance to concentrate on other imperative things that really matter.

Risk mitigation

The great advantage of choosing to outsource is risk mitigation. It offers a lower risk when compared to alternative solutions. Freelancers or offshore team are considered unreliable in terms of meeting deadlines. The competency of your in-house team may be limited to a specific number.

If you’re thinking to outsource software development services, then you risk are mitigated. At the initial stage, they comprise IT professionals in various technologies. Your team will have a better picture of the project and address mini or major issues during the early stages. Also, outsourcing has a big picture of your project – how to establish and steps by step process for an efficient workflow. Therefore, you cannot encounter any errors or delays during the development process.