10 Things to Run Your E-commerce Website Efficiently


Every day more and more online stores are being created in the same area, and online entrepreneurs are increasingly faced with the problem of high competition. The only way to survive in the eCommerce world is to become the best in the industry. This article will help you to understand the reason for low sales, find new methods to attract new customers and increase conversion.

1 Customer Confidence in the Company

Customer loyalty to the company plays an important role in the business. Going to the site of the online store, the client wants to see reviews on the site and have the opportunity to contact a representative of the company. Therefore, the site should be present elements(Mageworx store may help you) that inspire confidence in the user and have to buy from you, among which:

1.The presence of reviews on the site. According to statistics, 85% of customers read reviews about the product before buying, and 79% fully trust the information. Comments on the products form the opinion of visitors to your site. Customer reviews – one of the most successful types of content on the site, the so-called “social proof” that other people believe you. Therefore, it is important to monitor the appearance of any information that can affect your reputation, take into account criticism of negative feedback and encourage positive ones.

2.An online consultant on the website. Often a person may need advice on the product of their choice. The customer will make a purchase where you can immediately get an answer to the question. For example, the online chat system. According to statistics, the use of such services on the site increases sales by 30-40%.

3.Ability to order a call from the site. An alternative to online chat can serve as a service to organize a call Sales Manager to the client. Attention to the user will increase the desire to cooperate.

2 Navigation on the site

The length of time the user is on the site depends on how easy and logical it is to navigate. The client should be able to return to the desired page of the site at any time. Therefore, for the online store are important so-called “bread crumbs” on each page – the way from the home page to the current one through sections and subsections.

Also, to avoid dead-end pages, the site should be present:

  • The same and noticeable navigation bar
  • Text transcription
  • Links to other pages of the site
  • Pointers on all pages of the store

3 Roar-up windows

This type of capture of new lids is rather popular. But here you need to be very careful – this service should be used competently and unobtrusively. The time of displaying pop-up windows should be selected individually, depending on the scope of your business and the behavior of visitors to the site. Pop-ups should contain no more than two fields to fill in and appear at a certain interval, so as not to irritate the user. On the correct implementation of pop-ups on your site read this article

4 Site interface

The appearance of the site should attract the user from the first seconds. Interface, colors, button shapes – all these little things affect the user when choosing. Let me give you an example of several trends in web design this year, which will make the site more attractive and enjoyable to use:

1.Transparent CTA buttons:

2.Thin fonts:

3.Combination of text and picture:

5 A call to action

Call to action buttons allow you to direct a visitor to the store while you are on the resource. CTA-button should be displayed on each screen, be visible, no matter what page of the site he or she is on. The role of this interface element is great in the optimization of conversion.

Motivational phrases such as “call”, “contact us”, “send to the post office” also contribute to the generation of leads, so I advise you to fix the contact details in the header/futer of the site. So, the user will always count on feedback, and he will not have to return to the main page of the site.

6 Perception of the site

The task of each owner of the online store is to ensure the convenience of using the resource, even for those users who are far from the Internet and are not used to making purchases online. An online store must contain:

  • Clear distribution of products in the product category
  • The optimal number of terms when describing a product
  • text, broken down into several blocks
  • navigate the site on each page of the site
  • noticeable buttons to call for targeted actions

7 Authorization on the site

On the home page of the site and order page the user pays attention to a number of factors:

  • The choice at registration – to use the site as an authorized user or as a guest
  • Number of fields at registration: Lead forms should be short
  • Clear and simple order page
  • Payment and delivery options.

8 Web page efficiency

You’ll never know which dessert tastes better until you both try it. The same applies to your shop. There is a method of determining the most conversion page of your site or its separate part – A/B testing. This is a method of determining the most effective web page (or its individual element) of the two options offered to users.

9 Sellers’ traps

Various blocks of related, recommended products, as well as bestsellers, novelties and hits. Games with price tags tricks with free additions to the main purchase (delivery, for example), discounts for large sums, promotions and other salesmen’s tricks – all this will serve as an increase in the average check. Introduce them if you haven’t done so far.

10 Optimizing Traffic

Google Analytics is the most optimal and popular method of tracking key indicators on the site. When using these service to improve sales, you should pay attention to a number of indicators:

  • Traffic to page lead ratio
  • User clicking map analysis
  • Site traffic
  • A map of the paths on the site.

Try a new one, invent your chips, do experiments to make the user want to come back to you again and again. Improve your site and you will become a leader in your field!