10 Tips and Tricks to Learn AWS


Learning new things is always exciting. If you’re of those persons who are interested in learning new things then just go for it. Have you ever heard about AWS? AWS is Amazon Web Service if you are curious about this course and are planning to learn AWS, stick till the end of this article to learn a few tips and tricks.

AWS is an expert level cloud computing certification. If you want to improve your knowledge and expand your skills learning AWS is a great option. It would gain you leverage in a job interview and open doors to an amazing career. 


Learn the basis

While you’re learning any course, you must have complete knowledge on what you’re getting yourself into. You must learn the basis attached to AWS. It is a cloud computing platform. You should have complete knowledge of cloud computing. If you’re already a cloud computing expert, then you’re good to go. But, if you think you’re not then you must learn cloud computing. There are many online or offline training institutes or search cloud computing and understand about and improve your skills.


Understand AWS

If you have planned on learning about AWS. Then you must have complete knowledge about it. If you want to make a career out of it then you must put your efforts into it. Visit the AWS website, browse the courses on the website and expand your cloud skills. 

Understand the nature of the course you’re willing to take. Have complete information about the course you’re willing to take. Take instructions of an expert to improve your skills and knowledge. 


Core AWS services

Before taking up the course familiarize yourself with core AWS services. Learn operating systems such as Linux, windows. You can also understand more by diving into AWS documentation. Concentrate on Core AWS services and try getting hands-on experience by taking up training. There are a set of strategies for architecting systems designed by AWS Solutions experts, learning from experts will make you well-architected.


Videos and webinars

You can educate yourself through videos and AWS tutorials series. When you don’t understand a particular concept you can check out the tutorials or webinars online. Videos and webinars are undoubtedly smart ways to improve your theoretical knowledge. You can also attend events organised by AWS. In such events, they educate about the latest AWS services. You can also learn about the best architecture practices etc. In webinars, AWS experts are invited and they teach many cool things about the service and provide you with a deep understanding of the course.


Read White papers of AWS

If you want to improve your knowledge of AWS, read white papers written by AWS and its partners. These white papers are written by AWS experts solution architects. In these papers, there is a lot of research and development involved. These papers act as the best resource for you to learn about the AWS.


Read Blogs

The Internet can be your primary source when you’re learning something new. Expert guidance plays its part but you must put in your efforts to learn. To stay in the loop about the latest services or updates read blogs. There are experts who share all the information relating to AWS in their blogs. You can look up for information in the AWS blogs or their partner blogs.  


Practice and Test Your Skills

Your learning is incomplete without accessing it. Learning cloud computing skills and services will assist you in getting AWS certification. But learning only does half the work, you must practice and test yourself with quizzes and labs, that way you can assess yourself before the exam. Built an EC2 instance on an operating system or create an Amazon S3 bucket to get hands-on experience on real-time work. Taking quizzes will help you in testing your progress. Test your performance and keep improving your skill set.


Go Social

Interact with your peers on all social media platforms. Going social is also an efficient way of learning. You can interact with many like-minded people from many different levels and improve your subject knowledge and stay up to date on all updates. You may join discussion forums or conversations to share your thoughts and learn a lot about a variety of topics. You can also attend local AWS meetups to talk with experts and gain knowledge. You follow AWS course related pages or youtube channels for additional information on the course. Participate in activities and events to interact with people and learn something new.

Preparation time

While preparing for the exams, remember that exams validate you on your expertise to work with an AWS. So, it’s important for you to have practical experience. You can get free AWS free account and take leverage of the free tier. You can prepare for the exam by referring to whitepapers, sample questions and blueprints.

All the above mentioned could be easily found on the AWS Certification website. Training will reinforce the concepts you already learnt. Construct your time wisely so that you could get extra days to revise before the exam. Prepare by discussing your course topics with others or write a blog post about it, that way you can easily memorize it.


Tips for D-day

Once you feel you’re are well prepared then register yourself at AWS training. If you’re learning from an APN partner organization then you should register for AWS training and get certification through APN Partner Central. Before going here are a few things that you should keep in mind. As it is an online exam, choose a time that works for you, if you’re a concentrate better in the morning then book your exam in the morning session. 

The timer would not stop while you take bathroom breaks, so avoid taking liquids before the exam. Divide your time strategically, if not you may miss out many questions. If the questions are lengthy look for keywords in both answer and question. Don’t stress too much and believe in yourself. All the best for your AWS certification journey and qualify your exam with flying colours.