10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Landing Page


Creating the perfect landing page for your startup that converts your visitors into paying customers occasionally seems like a mission impossible. Nevertheless, the benefits of running an online business today cannot be ignored. 

That being said, you can tap into those benefits if you build a landing page that’s attractive to your audience and is well optimized. To give you tips and tricks on how to do that, here are 10-strategies that anyone can use to create the perfect landing page that converts. 

Work On Your Value Proposition

According to a study done by WordStream where they analyzed $3 billion annual spend on Google Ads, most people buy because of the offer and not the product. This means that your value proposition might be the most significant element of your landing page. 

Think of it this way, you might get everything else in this list correct. But if you get the value proposition wrong, you’ll have minimal to zero conversion results. Therefore, make sure you are offering something that will entice your audience to buy your products or services.

A great way to make sure your users are never confused about the benefits of your product, is to incorporate your value proposition in your branding. For example, when you shop for a domain on Godaddy, it will give you suggestions that are similar or better to what you had in mind.

Another great way for users to fall in love with your product is to find a way to offer a part of your product or service for free. This could mean free training on your specialty or discounts on your products. When in doubt, look at Amazon and their product listings, they are the masters of conversions and overdelivering in value. 

Include Directional Cues

Now that you have something to offer, think about the things you want your visitors to do on your site. Do you want them to convert at the beginning or the end of the page? Will you use images, GIFs, or words?

When determining your directional cues, use language that tells your audience exactly what they get when they click the button. For instance, use “get job offers” instead of “sign up.”

Work On Your Anatomy

Did you know that 94 percent of the time your website’s design is your first impression? Your potential customers are subconsciously deciding whether they love your brand the moment they look at your site. That is why it is important to work on your landing page anatomy.

This includes your headers, buttons, call to actions, and grammar. If you need help with creating the perfect landing page, check landing page course from Tilda, or visit Udemy and Coursera for a massive list of landing page courses. 

Use Available Technological Tools

Technology has made everything simple. So why not take advantage of tools like Instapage and click funnels to create a landing page? These tools are especially perfect because they provide you information based on already tested data. 

This means that every time you get a suggestion from these tools, you are sure you are applying tips that successfully encourage conversions. 

Your Images Should Be High-quality

Let’s talk about images. You have no option but to include very high-quality images on your site. They ensure that people stay stuck on your page. Besides, your images can determine the type of influence you have on your customers,

Therefore, if you can, take custom pictures and post them on your landing page. If that’s not possible, use a site like the stock image search engine or Pixabay to get the perfect photos and images for your page. The image below is an excellent example from Uber. 

Make It Simple

Look around you, everyone is stressed about one thing or another. This means you cannot add to the challenges that your audience faces every day. Better yet, let your landing page be the space people use to find some sense of simplicity.

And the way to do this is by making your page simple. For instance, don’t fill your landing page with a lot of content. Instead, make it comprehensible, simple, but straight to the point. Offer only the necessary information and leave the rest out. 

Then limit the choices you offer your audience. For instance, only have one call to action on the entire page. Being simple will increase your conversion.

Show Your Social Proof

There are numerous ways you can offer your social proof on your landing page. These include videos, images, and reviews. All you need to do is focus on the social proof that will work well with your business type and your landing page.

Your social page shows your audience that you are trustworthy and that your brand is worth their time and money. 

Include A Video

Images alone might not be sufficient to give you the type of conversion you want. This is why, you need a video that gives your visitors more information about why they should sign up with you or buy your product. Your video should include all the information about what the viewer will get if they sign up with you.

So, you need to make sure your information is in a logical order and that it answers any objections the viewers might have. So, create a script, record a video and fix up your explainer video with a tool that can ensure outstanding outcome. Nowadays most video editing tools will ensure a stunning outcome with little to no video editing skills.

Use Short Forms

Remember, less is more. So, keep that in mind when designing a form for your audience. In fact, short forms outperform long forms in terms of conversion by a very large margin. This means that you must ask from your site visitors only the most essential information. 

Also, ensure that everything you include in the form is appropriate. So, combine some of the fields, to reduce the length of the form and your conversions should shoot up.

Include Testimonials

Last but not least, don’t forget to include testimonials. 


Consider this: 92 percent of people admitted to reading reviews before buying a product. Of the 92, 88 percent trust peer reviews over brand messages. When you include testimonials, you let your customers sell your products and services. 

So, make sure you have testimonials everywhere on your landing page. Include them at the beginning of your page if you will. Then watch and see your potential customers turn into purchase orders. 

Wrapping up

Once you decide to work on your startups landing page, you need to remember that it’s not something that can be done overnight.

It’s important thing to remember that some tips will work for you but not for someone else. Therefore, go for the tactics that suit your business, test different things, and offer more value than competitors. 

Last but not least, always measure the results. That’s the only way you will know if your landing page is heading towards the perfection.

That’s all folks – Happy conversions!