10 Tips How to Choose a Software Development Company


Are you an entrepreneur? Or maybe a proud owner of a start-up or some organization. Whoever you are, you can’t deny your need for a software development company. Businesses, small or big, are now outsourcing their software development to other teams and companies. These companies work on the designing, development and maintenance of software components, frameworks and applications for both businesses and individuals.

There are a few people who prefer to work with freelancers when it comes to software development, but choosing whether to work with freelancers or a software development company mostly depends on your individual preferences. For instance, working with a software development company could ensure you more professionalism, expertise, a dedicated team and related support, which are all very crucial for a business. 

Many people prefer freelance services for the job thinking that it comes at a  lesser price, but in the long run, they actually end up paying more than they do when they choose a software development company and this one also comes with a team dedicated to providing you with the best of their services. So, it is not much of a complicated decision to make whether to choose a Software Development Company or Freelance services. Let’s make the decision easier for you here, Software Development Company it is.

Now that we have established that businesses, as well as individuals, need Software Development companies for better performance. Let’s have a look at ten tips that could make it easier for you to choose a Software Development Company like Chudovo.com that suits your needs.

Know your Needs

Most of the time, when you have to make a decision about something, it helps if you know what exactly is it that you are looking for in that thing. It’s more like when you go to a supermarket, if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to get from a supermarket, you will most likely end up buying a lot of things that you don’t need. Similarly, when you are looking for developers to design and develop customized software for you, you need to know what you need and also what you don’t. This way you can choose a company that can design software that aligns with your business needs. 

Go through their Website

You might already be aware that the companies’ website is what marks their presence in the digital world. It showcases almost everything that the company has to offer and show to its customers. Especially, a good software development company will put up all the information you need to know on their website. Go through their website, look at all the services they are offering, the type of software they work on, if they are a good company, they most likely will have a lot of satisfied customers and they might not want to hide it from the world. So check out the customer reviews. More importantly, make sure they have an office and contacts that are intact. If they have a blog, go through it too, this indicates that they are putting up an effort to promote their business and also have a real team working in the background. 

Decide whether you want to go Offshore on Onshore

A lot of people are now choosing offshore partnerships as they are cost-effective and offer great services. The current top list of the countries providing such services includes the USA, China and Russia. But going overseas might cause a few issues in communication because of language differences. So when you decide to go offshore, you might have to consider how much money you are willing to spend and how important communication is to you. Although, now with the globalization of these services, most software development companies have come up with better ways to communicate with their customers. But it always helps if you dig into the company’s background country if you wish to go offshore.

Get reviews and referrals

Ask around for the referrals. You can always go online and check out which companies are good. Or you can ask people in your network about which software development companies they prefer. It doesn’t matter whatever mode you choose to get the referral, online or trusted colleagues or reviewing websites, make sure you get a few referrals and check out the reviews their users have left for them. If they have satisfied customers, they might be doing a good job.

Learn about software systems and technologies

Before you go looking for a software development team it is important that you have a basic understanding of the software systems, technologies and languages. Understanding the software systems and the technology associated could help you in determining what kind of software you want. This makes the search easier as some software developers concentrate and take up only certain types of software deals and offer several other services. It also comes in handy if you check their previous project details. If they have already worked on a similar software they will most likely organise it better.

Are they willing to sign a contract?

It is always a good idea to have the companies sign a contract beforehand. If the software development company you are working with is legitimate and has no problems in adhering to the implied conditions related to the software, they will have no problem in signing the contract. On the other hand, fraudulent companies would show a reluctant attitude towards contracts as they are most likely to leave the project midway or delay the deadlines. If you find a software development company that is willing to sign a contract, get them to sign an NDA too while you are at it. This will provide you with additional security over the product even if it costs some extra money.

Don’t fall for low prices

“Nothing good comes cheap”, ever heard of this quote? What it says is indeed true. If it does come cheap, it won’t probably last longer. So don’t tempt yourself over low prices. Some companies try luring the customers in with very low prices. Falling for such low prices could compromise the quality of your product. So do a thorough research of the prices and do not get tempted by the prices that seem too good to be true.

Look at their list of services

When you visit the company’s website make sure to check the list of services they are offering. While you do so, check if they are offering the service that you need or if they have taken up any such projects before. Doing so will let you know that they have any experience or expertise in the service you need. Sometimes, when the companies don’t want to miss out on a client, they take up the project even if they don’t have staff that are experienced in such work. This could impair the quality of the end product and might contain bugs too. So before you talk to their representatives make sure to check their service list.

Check how old the company is

The older the better. It is true, choosing a company that is older will ensure that we choose the one that has been doing this for quite some time and has the necessary experience in the services they provide. They might have dealt with their fair share of projects and will easily do the work for you. On the other hand, the companies that are most recent in the business still might not have suitable experience with the development of the software you need. So it is always better if you choose a company that is old enough.


Clear communication is very important while you are working on something. This ensures that both the parties understand each other’s needs and have a consensus on the working methods and other details. It is important that you decide on a mode of communication and support details sorted before signing the contract itself so that there won’t be any misunderstandings or disturbances for future communication.

In Conclusion

Choosing a software Development Company is an important decision one has to make for their business. It is equally important that you make no mistakes while making your decision about choosing the software development company that suits your business needs. Following the above tips could help you come to a conclusion sooner and help you in choosing the company that could save you time and money and also provide you with quality products and services.