10 tips on writing the perfect blog content


Follow these simple 10 tips to write good blog content and increase your blog visitors.

1.       You blog content needs a good title. With a good catch title you will be able to attract your readers to read the entire content. your content title has to be direct and yet enticing if you want your readers to read. The heading has to match the keywords that readers are searching for.

2.       Content has to have clear subject– the  blog post should provide a hint to the readers when they read just the first few lines of the content. the post has to be simple and provide a good understanding to those who are reading it.

3.       Your blog content has to be well organized and for this you have to include lists through number, bullet points  etc. this will make it easy for the readers to read your content and give them a quick idea of what the content is and they will continue reading.

4.       You content has to have links. When you provide good content readers from other blogs will be attracted and they would like to link to your posts.  it is best to write articles that are “top 10” or “ do it yourself” etc. it is a good way of receiving links  from other blogs.

5.       Attractive posts. when your posts are attractive, you will be successful in attracting  lot of viewers and will keep your viewers happy and keep coming for more. Before you post content read it several times and highlight the keywords and attractive sentences. Keep your post short, sweet and informative.

6.        Include multimedia– your post will be more attractive and informative when you include the multimedia such as images, videos in your post. This will easily attract your readers more and make the content more presentable to the readers. Include the tutorials, how to do it yourself videos etc and step by step images so that you can make them understand better and so your readers will love it.

7.       Get to the point. Do not beat around the bush with your content. you have to be concise and to the point and stick to the topic instead of deviating from it. Whatever subject and title you wish to write on you must stick to it and avoid including the other topics that have no relation to the subject or your readers will be confused.

8.       Place keywords. Your content will be incomplete without keywords. Your blog post will only be successful if your post has the keywords the readers are looking for. Keywords must be present in the title and body of the article.

9.    Post length– the length of the post must not either be too high or too low. The right amount of words will keep it good for the readers. If the post is too long then the readers will be bored of reading the entire content and if it is too short they will feel the post in incompletely.

10.   Original content is absolutely necessary. Never copy from other blogs, just write straight from your own heart and mind.