Relocating your business is entirely different from trying to expand where you only need to equip your new office and install new furniture. Whether your business is small, medium or large, relocating your business can be overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming. Based on research, more people have involved themselves in office move than house move. However, for different reasons more people tend to move their business from one place to the other, some do that in to save cost, while others do it because they want their business to be closer to their clients. If you are moving your office for the first time, it’s essential that you minimize disruption, and ensure that new facilities you will be buying along with your move meet both the current and future needs of your company.

Since relocating is not an easy task, the best department to handle things properly without much problem is the facility department. The facility manager will have to ensure there is adequacy in the process of moving but incase your business is the small type that does not have so much department, you can employ companies who are into moving services.

More so, in other to avoid silly mistakes, we have put together useful 10 Tips to consider when moving your Business.

Plan your budget and analyze options 

Before you make your move consider the time it will take you to do it and set aside a reasonable budget that will cover your cost and remember that you may not be able to produce or perform at your maximum natural capacity during the process of packing your things. After you have decided on the time and budget needed to make your move. If your company is a big one, analyze the various offers (companies into moving services) available to you and choose the best that suite your needs.

Choose a comfortable transfer date

Choosing a date to help you to move strategically, if your company is a big one and can take so much time to make a move, you can schedule your movement monthly of least activity in your sector. Take for example; moving your goods during the summer is a good option even as most workers are expected to be on holiday to make the movement smooth.

Plan your move ahead of time

When trying to move your office, efficiency matters. Each worker or staff of the company is expected to know what to do, when and how. Every employee needs to be aware that their role is within the movement and they should know that they are supposed to be responsible for the packaging of their items and responsible for the transfer of certain documents.

Plan early enough if you are hiring a company

If you have enough money to hire a moving services company, it is in your best interest to notify them at least one or two months in advance. Make sure you are employing a licensed company with insurance coverage. So if you are hiring one, give them instructions on what to pack else they will pack even irrelevant things like the trash can and will merely unplug a refrigerator and move the food inside. Ensure you take care of perishable items by yourself else you could end up with rotten food and garbage.

Label and number your boxes

Get tags and labels to customize your luggage so you can quickly identify what is inside in case you need to pick something in the already packed bags before eventually moving them, but if you mark them at the top, you may find it hard to locate items quickly. However, in a case where you have hundreds of boxes, the best solution is to have a numbering system to avoid losing things out on the move.

Be careful when packing computer cables

Some companies have lots of computers that they use for their day to day activities, in such situations; there is a need for such companies to start by removing all the cables from computers at a time. Put all the wires removed in large zip-locked baggies and write on the baggies which computer owns a particular cable.

Tell people and update your contact information

It is necessary you update your contact information on your sites, business cards, and stationery so that you will not lose your clients. Among all, the first to upgrade is your website, as this is the most comfortable place to reach your clients.

Make a Checklist

The best step to take if you want to avoid mistakes when making a move is to create a checklist of everything that needs to be done. Don’t forget to include tasks required to be done in advance and required suppliers into your list so that it will not take a lot of time to put your business back on track.

Give out office pieces of equipment you don’t need

Moving to another place is the best time for you to give out some of the gadgets you don’t need any more or some that you have been thinking of disposing of but time does not permit you to do. Some old fashioned devices may be part of what you would like to eliminate, things like old phone, printers, PCs office furniture even office supplies needs to be replaced.

Have a vehicle available

If you are running a small company and you think you can move things by yourself, ensure you organize a vehicle that will be available for your service throughout the day. But if you run a big company and have hired professionals to do it for you, then you don’t need to worry yourself. Remember that no matter the size of your company is, in as much as you are hiring a company to make a move for you to ensure it’s a licensed company from the department of transportation.

Planning your move early enough is the best way to relocate your business smoothly, but remember the best plan can still go awry. But if you feel you need a company that is into moving services you can choose to consult a reputable company.