10 Tips to Reduce shipping costs for your Business


Are you an entrepreneur having an online store? If yes, have you ever struggled with the shipping costs? Can hear you. Shipping cost is higher than anything and they are such a headache sometimes. In the search for ways to cut the prices on shipping. You might have approached the e-commerce shipping services. E-commerce shipping services play a key role in shipping your final product to your customer.

Whether it is a small or large business, every business will have to pay for shipping cost and material cost. The shipping price is also done based on the weight of the product.

Do you know that the shipping cost has an impact on your sales? Many of the customers select the product and leave the products in their shopping cart because of the high shipping costs. But free shipping is the veer. It will drive profits your business. So, to avoid the high shipping rates you can opt for the cheap shipping services that are available online.

Many of the businesses are already getting busy in finding ways to cut the prices. You are in the right place, This article is all about the ways on how you can cut the prices of shipping. Businesses are reaching ways that reduce the deception of shipping.

Here are the 10 tips to reduce the shipping costs for your business,

1.Shipping Representative

Get to know the shipping representative of your e-commerce. Your shipping representative is the one who will shower that daily dose of motivation for you to become successful. Shipping representative is the one to talk to you and fix an appropriate price. The more you ship the more flexible will be the rates. Even companies with the smaller shipping volume will also be applicable for the discount.

Shipping rates will be estimated depending upon,

  • Time of delivery
  • The shipping place
  • The weight of the products
  • Dimensions of the packed box
  • Handling Fee
  • Insurance
  • Delivery tracking
  • Order tracking
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Taxes for international shipping

Stay connected with the sales representative to know all the discount details that might be suitable for your business.

  1. Use multiple carriers

The shipping companies fix the price based on the volume that you are shipping. The more you ship the lesser will be the cost. If you are a small business holder, even you can avail this offer by shipping large amounts at a time because it costs the same for the single shipping and for bulk shipping. Remember, the more you ship the lesser be the cost.

  1. Ask for discounts

There will be an industry association where you can avail a membership. These associations are in partnership with the carriers where the membership discounts are offered. Depending on the members and size of the association, up to 50% discount is offered.

  1. Shipping rate calculators

Imagine if you are at the shipping centre to ship your products, and the weight of the product is higher than you expected and it has cost you more. What would you do if you are out of cash? Sounds soo irritating right. In order to prevent yourself from all that irritating sudden surprises, it’s good to calculate the amount before.

But, how do you calculate the amount required?

There are many software and websites available online that can calculate your shipping cost. You can use websites like ship rocket, freightos to calculate the shipping costs.

  1. Make use of flat rate shipping

Firstly, what is flat rate shipping?

Flat rate shipping is the free shipping in WooCommerce that allows you to set a standard price per product, per service, per shipping. WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin. It can be used by small-large business to sell their products online.

Flat rate shipping can prevent your customer from leaving the product behind. As a user can calculate the rate of shipping before checkout. This way your user can know the exact shipping cost and may go with purchasing the product.

Stay connected with your shoppers and build trust. Avoid all the negative emotions that your customers feel about adding too many products to the cart. Make them realize minimum purchase is necessary to avail free shipping. You can display the offer at home page or at shopping cart page.

  1. Offer the best value to your customers

Most of the customers expect free shipping. Take into consideration whether free shipping eats away your profit or benefits your business. You can add the shipping price to the product. Also, provide multiple shipping options. That may be one-day delivery, one week or 15 days. On the other hand, you can consider few conditions like a minimum of purchase is required to avail free shipping, charge regular shipping price on the items, Reward and ask your customers to visit your site by sending customized shipping offers by email, analyze the distribution centres etc.,

  1. Stick to a single shipping company

Many retailers will be in a state that, changing a shipping company may produce multiple offers. But, the truth is you need to stick to a single company to bring up with the offers depending on the amount of the product to be shipped. Shipping companies may back the cost when you consider them as your main lead. As the rates fluctuate you can adjust them according to your agreement.

  1. Know the real cost of shipping

Keep it simple, you are having a product, package it, pay the postage and ship. You must have a perfect calculation of how much profit you can get by calculating the amount spent on merchandise, shipping charges. Deduct these two from what the customer has paid. Without a proper calculation, you may lose revenue.

  1. Regional carriers and Hybrid services

Although there might be shipping carriers like FedEx, Ups etc., search for local companies which may save you time and cost where both the small and large business can be benefited.

Hybrid services are like a super post and smart post. Sure post is done by UPS and the smart services are by FedEx. They cost half of the original prices with some restrictions like certain volume, weight and size. They pick up the package and handover them to the mailman who then completes the final delivery. Its that the delivery process may take a little long.

  1. PUP’s can help you

Choosing a Pickup point is like offline shipping. It is the process of shipping to individual customers. For example, you have designed a few pieces of pottery cups and hand painted them. You can choose a store who can accept your designed pieces. You can save a lot of shipping charges and you can ship large of products in single shipping. This is one of the best ways to save most of your money on shipping.

Have proper calculations of your shipping cost as they may eat away your profits. Choose the right shipping industry and follow some tips and tricks that might help you in reducing the cost. As the little things take the biggest footprint in our heart, even a small tip can change the whole game.