10 tips to successfully implement your QR codes in your marketing campaign


QR codes bridge the gap of the offline and online world by scanning the QR code using smartphone devices.

Sometimes, the best way for us to learn is to analyze and understand our mistakes. Like any other marketing tool, QR codes are of the most used, and they have to be used in a certain way for you to get the desired outcome.

 A study from Juniper research revealed that the number of QR code coupons redeemed via mobile would increase by 5.3 billion by 2022, up from an estimated 1.3 billion in 2017.

QR codes are a valuable asset that can boost your sales only if understood and implemented well. It is a great tool to use when all of the information cannot be stored in one place while offering your target audience a multimedia content that they will enjoy! But how should you go about your QR code marketing campaign?

Do not over-complicate your QR code marketing

Now, the main problem with QR marketing is that it always is used the wrong way; that’s why it doesn’t have any traction and can lead you to poor scanning results. Marketers tend to over-complicate the implementation with the metrics and deals they need.

Pretend you’re selling a book. Then you’ll advertise the book in different media to create awareness and sell it. (mind that this is for printed ads or signs).

The goal of the QR code should be super-specific. For example, “Buy a special/signed edition by scanning this code,” or “Get a 20% discount by buying online through the QR code,” then the link goes to a landing that has a one-click buy button. State clearly on the printed ad and what’s the benefit your scanners will get from the QR code.

To avoid such QR code marketing failure, I’ve listed some of the most important tips when implementing QR codes correctly in marketing. 

10 tips to successfully implement your QR codes in your marketing campaign 

1. Only implement the action that you’re promoting in the QR code

Do not add any unnecessary extras on your QR code’s landing page. If you have a call-to-action in your QR code that says “scan to watch a video,” then lead them to a video and nothing else. 

Do not distract your scanners and don’t gather too much data. Make the user-experience brief and concise and don’t waste their time. Automate what you can. 

Make a unique code for every media you’re advertising it:

A magazine ad: 1 code

Newspaper ad: 1 code

Flyer: 1 code

A sign outside a store: 1 code

2. Optimize your landing page for smartphone users 

Your scans won’t come from desktop computers. It will come from smartphone users, so make sure your landing page is optimized for mobile-only. Meaning, once your QR code is scanned, it should load at most 3 seconds. No Javascript heavy or anything that will make your QR code lousy to load. Make your landing page attractive, easy to read, and direct.

3. Add your image or logo of your brand

You should make your QR code a part of your brand and not just have it for a display. A customized QR code with an added logo of your brand gives your customers security and confidence that it’s a legitimate QR code and not a spammy one. Branded QR code leaves an impression and garners a higher conversion rate, that results in getting 80% more scans than the traditional black and white colors. 

4. Add an appropriate Call-to-action

A QR code is useless if your target audience doesn’t have any idea of your QR code. A call to action is an important factor that will make them respond to your QR code and scan it. The call-to-action should be very specific, and should imply to the content of your QR code. If it leads them to a video, put a CTA that says “Scan to watch a video,” or if it is in your business card, put a call-to-action “scan to save contact” or “scan for more product details” if it’s a product. Remember, be very particular with your CTA

5. The right size of a QR code is a must 

The sizing of your QR code will differ depending on your placement. It will vary in billboards, catalogs, product packaging, magazines, leaflets, posters, and more. In a close range, your QR code should at least be 2 x 2 cm. The further the scanning distance of your QR code, then the bigger the size should be. 

6. QR Code must be at eye level 

Your QR code mustn’t be overlooked; otherwise, you will miss potential scans. Place your QR code strategically where it can easily be noticed. Ensure that the attention of your target audience goes straight to the QR code as it will result in 80% more scans. After all, the QR code is all about the speed of scanning. 

7. Custom-design your QR code

A stylized QR code will make it stand out from the rest of the monochromatic QR code colors. Customize your QR code, add logo or icon, choose the colors and add a frame by using a QR Code generator online. Custom-design the overall appearance and align it to your brand identity to make it even more recognizable. 

8. Use a Dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR codes are great to use in marketing as they are flexible, trackable, and editable. For example, you have printed your QR code on thousands of your marketing posters, flyers, and packaging only to find out that you typed the wrong URL! Sure, it’s a massive loss of money, wasted effort, and potential sales!

But using a dynamic QR code, no need to worry. You can correct the error you made by editing the behind data or URL of your QR code! No, you don’t need to re-print thousands of your marketing materials even if it has been deployed! This saves you time and money! Moreover, it also allows you to track the real-time data of the scans and allows re-targeting of your QR code marketing campaign anytime!

9. Always test your QR code before distributing it

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Always test your QR code before deploying it and make sure it leads you to the right address you encrypted in your QR code. 

10. Use a trusted QR code generator with logo 

You should always partner with your QR code marketing campaign with a credible QR Code generator online with a robust tracking analytics report of your scans.

An unreliable QR software could put your privacy or the behind data of your QR code in jeopardy. It is important that a QR code generator should be trustworthy, secured, safe, has many trusted users, and offers responsive customer support along with your overall marketing campaign. With that being said, the QRTiger platform is your one-stop-shop for all your QR code needs and solutions. It is trusted by established brands like Midea, Universal, Yakult, Ford, Your M & S, and many more.  

Tips to make your QR code quickly scannable

Do not invert QR codes color.

The pattern or the foreground color of your QR code should always be darker than its background color. That’s a strict rule in customizing your QR code to make it easily scannable. QR code scanners are set to scan QR code with a lighter background. Choose the appropriate color contrast. 

Print High-quality QR code images

A high-quality QR code image is significant for a faster scan, and we could not stress this enough. Your QR code will be hard to read if it is blurry and low quality. You can download your QR code in PNG or SVG formats. Both are great to use in print and online ads.  

Maintain a clutter-free QR code (choose dynamic)

The more information you store in a QR code, the smaller the dots get in the corner that carries its data, which will make it hard to interpret when you scan it. That’s why it’s always better to use a Dynamic QR code in marketing to maintain a clutter-free QR code as the information will be stored online with a short URL. Unlike the static QR code, the information is stored in graphics and can only be limited. 


QR codes are great to use in marketing because of its easy access to information and easy social sharing using only smartphone devices, making the entire experience user-friendly. However, before, you should even use them; you need to plan ahead of how you’re going to implement them to get the results you want and not ending up wasting your effort. 

QR codes work wonders when appropriately deployed because people will use them, especially now that smartphones have a built-in scanner for QR codes. Moreover, using the best QR code generator online to help you with your QR code marketing campaign is vital and will also be an essential factor in determining the success of your marketing campaign.

After all, it’s all in the hands of a well-innovative QR Code generator with logo that is a valuable addition to a dealership’s marketing toolbox. This will help you in re-targeting your campaigns, get accurate scanning results, and of course, proven and trusted by many big brands.