10 types of marketing Strategies to focus on in 2020


Marketing is one of the essential pillars, it determines the revenue of an organization. Having an effective marketing strategy to sell a product is as important as creating a high quality product. A functioning marketing strategy is key to any type of successful business. New businesses need engaging marketing strategies to promote their product and their brand. 

Marketing helps the customer to understand what he or she is being offered by a company. A developer may know each and every detail about the product but one cannot expect the customer to understand a product as soon as he sees it. Marketing gives customers more perspective regarding a product or a brand. It is crucial for a business to have a strong marketing strategy to sustain in the long run. Good marketing strategies drastically increase the sales of a product. It not only increases sales but also helps in expanding its reach to new potential customers. 

In this day and age, digital marketing is the easiest way to advertise or sell anything. But your product can easily get lost in the ocean of information present on the internet. One has to carefully plan their marketing approach to gain recognition and bring in sales. With an ever-changing business environment, businesses need to adopt new technologies to have long term benefits. 

These are 10 marketing strategies that can dominate 2020.


1.Video marketing

Videos are the most effective way of online marketing. A visual is far more appealing than a written word. Viewers retain nearly 95% of the information after watching a video which is far more when compared to a text. Users only recall 10% of the provided content through text. A simple video can convey a lot more about a product compared to a pop-up advertisement or an image. More than 50% of internet users search for videos to learn more about the products and services they require. 

A captivating video creates an instant connection between brands and consumers. Adding videos to a website has shown an increase in its traffic. The video quality is another main factor that a lot of business organizations tend to forget. A business organization must make sure that it creates a high-quality video that reflects its image and aspirations as 72% of people on the internet like to watch videos when they are trying to learn more about new brands.

2.Social Media marketing

During their initial days social networking sites were not used for marketing because there was less connectivity. As the connectivity started growing exponentially, business analysts found out social media can be a great source for advertising their products. Today 3.5 billion people use social media which is nearly half the population of the entire earth. An advertisement on social media platforms has the capacity to reach a wider audience. Nowadays everyone is on the social media platform, so it is easy to tap into a large market space across the globe. Even though most people on social media are young it can advertise your services and products to people of all age groups.

3.Email marketing

Despite being one of the earliest digital marketing strategies, email marketing is still one of the most effective strategies to boost business revenue. More than 2 billion emails are sent and received every day.  Interactive emails are one of the best strategies in conversational marketing , they ensure that a brand and its consumers maintain a connection at a personal level. Email marketing is done by sending personalized emails to the target audience. These emails should be written in a way that a reader feels that the message is specially written for them. The email should be short and should be written in a persuasive tone. Always include a call to action button in your email to compel the customers to take immediate action. Make sure that your email designs are portable so they can be accessed on all devices running on different platforms.

4.Mobile marketing

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Smartphone users contribute to more than 70% of web traffic today. Since the last five years, internet usage on smartphones is on an all-time high. Mobile marketing can be used to target a specific audience through emails, SMS, MMS, and social media. A notification on mobile gets the attention of a customer very quickly. It is easier to search and access any information on a smartphone from any place as long as you have an internet connection. Considering that most of the online purchases are made using smartphones, we can say that mobile marketing is one of the best marketing strategies out there.

  1. Cause marketing

Cause marketing is not just for generating revenue but also for marketing the cause for which a company is working. People tend to like those who reflect their own principles, it is the same for brands too. The cause of the company in itself is a big advantage for marketing it, as it has a specific goal it wants to achieve other than just making profits off of its customers. A noble cause resonates with customers on both emotional and spiritual level, it would help a brand in developing a life long relationship with its customers. 

6.Paid Media advertising

Just like the name suggests paid media advertising is when brands or businesses pay a certain amount of money to promote their products on different social media platforms. It is a very strong marketing strategy to ensure your products or services reach more people than your competition. Paid media advertising can rapidly increase the web traffic of a certain site. Even though it is paid, it can improve the number of active consumers significantly. Paid media advertising builds curiosity in users to know more about your brand or business.

7.Earned Media

Earned media is also known as free media. Unlike paid media advertising, earned media is not paid but is achieved through the feedback that is received by the product. It is generally through word of mouth, testimonials, reviews, and shout outs by consumers on the internet. It is very effective as the brand is not promoting its products to the customers but its the other way around. Earned media is the best kind of promotion a brand can get as it is done by the consumers themselves.

8.Co-branding and Affinity marketing 

Co-branding or affinity marketing is when two or more companies join hands in order to promote a single product or their individual products that compliment each other. This collaboration of brands results in increasing their loyal customer base and profits. It is cost-effective as both companies share the budget for marketing. One brand can use the market range of other brands to propel their product sales in newer markets.

9.Social media influencers

Using a social media influencer is not unheard of. But you should always keep in mind the nature of your business and the utility of your products before selecting a social media influencer to promote your product. A new social media influencer pops up every other day, there are social media influencers with millions of followers but they may not promote your product effectively as they lack the technical knowledge required to review it. Choose a channel that shares similar interests like your business and ask them to comment on your services.


SEO which is short for “search engine optimization” is the most basic marketing strategy in use, that can make your business reach new clients. SEO is making the most out of given resources to make your article or site related to your business rank high on search engines when some information relevant to your product is searched in a browser. To rank high in the search engine results, one must make sure that the content of their web page is not copied or appear similar to the content in other web pages. An SEO writer should follow the guidelines set by the respected search engine to rank higher as a web page in that search engine.

You can hire an SEO agency to assist you in ranking higher for your desired search terms. By using an agency to create website content that provides readers with valuable information and also makes it easier for users to find you through the search engines, you can improve your brand’s online presence. SEO experts know the ins and outs of ranking for relevant search terms and will ensure that potential clients can find you easily when searching for the goods and services that you have to offer. If you’re serious about online marketing, using a search engine optimization agency is the way to go.


Small or big every business needs marketing strategies to boost their income. A good marketing strategy is equally important as a good product. Without good marketing, even the finest of innovations may fail to get the recognition they deserve. A product cannot generate a target revenue if it is not advertised properly. Even with the best marketing techniques, a company cannot increase its sales if it does not produce high-quality products.