10 useful apps which improve writing skills

writing skills

Being a professional writer, the biggest thing you can do to improve your composing skills is to keep doing it. The more you write, the more pro you become. Having a great writing environment is a huge part of that, but it’s really hard to achieve such atmosphere. In addition, written English is always necessary for conducting business correspondence with foreign partners. If you only learn English, then the skill of written English will be required when passing language exams, admission to a foreign university or getting a job abroad.

In this article, we will prove that gadgets are not only exciting games but also unlimited opportunities for improving your knowledge. You will learn how to turn your favorite smartphone into a useful English tutorial by one or two clicks and improve the writing skills in a short time thanks to interesting apps.

  1. Learn from professionals (www.betterwritingskills.com)

For a written communication development, you need to read a lot. You will get the best effect if you read specialized materials. This resource contains small articles with tips on how to improve writing skills, including syntax and punctuation.

  1. Improve your spelling (esolcourses.com)

There are a lot of words in English similar in spelling, but fundamentally different in meaning, so spelling mistakes can be both curious and catastrophic. We offer an interesting resource for training your basic writing skills. You will have to fill the gaps in the text, arrange the words in the right order and perform other exercises, many of which are based on the texts of popular songs.

  1. Watch the video tutorials (engvid.com)

The platform offers you free access to video lessons from native speakers, which will give you a writing practice in letters, arrange punctuation marks, and present information in a letter logically and consistently. Each video lesson is supplemented by practical tasks.

  1. Communicate on forums (learnenglishonline.yuku.com)

Are you fond of boxing or cars, or you are breeding German shepherds? Find a forum of relevant topics and communicate with participants. Show off your achievements, comment on the records of other guests, share your secrets and consult with professionals.

  1. Increase your vocabulary (Merriam-Webster dictionary, oxforddictionary.so8848.com)

The larger your vocabulary is, the more accurate and beautiful you can express your thoughts. Try constantly to learn new words, expressions and immediately use them in practice. Electronic dictionaries are the best helpers for English learners. You may set at least one mobile app dictionary, and it will come to your rescue while reading the text. Learn idioms and collocations. Not all words in English are combined with each other, many of them are not. Therefore, we recommend checking with a special dictionary in which you can check whether you can use certain words with each other. For instance, you can write to file a complaint instead of to give a complaint.

  1. Read as much as possible ( Moon Reader, BBC News)

Reading creates effective writing skills and fills your speech with certain language constructs, which are rarely used in oral communication. In addition, reading in public transport is an intelligent way to fence yourself off from others and make your way home usefully spent.

  1. Develop creative thinking (www.daily-writing-prompt.com)

This is a wonderful service for creative people, with which you can learn how to improve writing skills and freely express your thoughts. Try a “free writing” method: write down for some time everything that comes to your mind, watch video materials, perform the exercises. Practice continuing the stories that already have a beginning. All this will help not only to improve the skills of written English but also to develop creative thinking.

  1. Start blogging (wordpress.org)

Fear of a clean sheet often stops us. We just can’t decide what to write about. Blogging you will not only get good writing skills, but also find like-minded people and potential pen pals. This is an excellent training background for practicing people who are not afraid to share their knowledge on the Internet. Write about what you know and share it with the world.

Write small posts daily and do not be afraid of discussions: if you are praised – rejoice, scold – take a lesson out of your mistakes and improve yourself further.


  1. Write electronic essays (http://www.readwritethink.org/)

Adults believe that composing essays is the task for pupils, but if you are going to become a pro writer or to take an exam in the future, you can not neglect this activity. In addition, writing an essay will teach you to structure and logically express your thoughts, because a paper has a plan. You will learn how to express thoughts in the format of an essay with the help of clear instructions for writing each mini-section that are on sites.

By the way, you will be able to help anybody, who will ask to do my homework. You write an essay step by step, training to write essays of the right volume and structure.

  1. Find penpals (InterPals, PenPal World, Facebook)

Use the well-known Pen-Pal Search sites. There you can find a friend by correspondence. During chatting with him, you will be able to improve your written communication skills by learning many useful words and phrases. If you do not like to communicate with strangers, look for an English lover among your friends or got to teach English from abroad..