10 Ways How to Make Your Career a Hobby


The beginning of the week witnesses many people dragging their feet to work. No amount of coffee can provide the respite from the constant struggle to keep the eyes open or keep from berating the boss, and people just go on languishing at their work desks with every passing day. The only silver lining is the weekend to indulge in the hobby that truly lets them escape the rut. However, if you are able to garner the same level of happiness and satisfaction from your career that you get from pursuing your hobby, it will be nothing short of a vacation every single day of the week! So, here is a list of 10 ways to make your career a hobby today:

1.     Assess

Assess what the most draining aspect of your current career is. Try to figure out what truly dissuades you from work every single day. If the field is the root cause of your dissatisfaction and you tend to feel that you have chosen the wrong career path, then it is best to quit it at the earliest. However, in most cases, it is just a particular aspect that ends up alienating employees. Hence, figure the problem out to address it at the earliest. Try to identify the problem so that you can get to start thinking of a solution.

2.     Incorporate your interest

There are ways in which you can introduce your hobby to enhance your regular work tasks. Look for ways that you can involve your particular interest in the tasks that you are delegated at work. For instance, you are good at poetry, then read your daily emails and formulate humorous poems out of them to entertain yourself and claim a change to keep yourself motivated. If you are working in an export/import firm and are interested in photography, then you can volunteer to photograph the goods for your clients. Being passionate in your hobby helps to introduce some fun to even your work desk, and this will inevitably inject a lot of entertainment for you throughout the day.

3.     Be creative

As cliché as it may sound, it is the creative aspect that keeps you glued to your hobby for endless hours at a stretch. The creative satisfaction that you derive from your hobby is what you need to translate into your daily job to make it spark. People are often dissuaded from their regular careers owing to the fact that they find themselves stuck in the monotonicity which they end up detesting. Even at the psychological level, all individuals are looking for some stimulation for the brain, which is absent in most regular desk jobs. Hence, it will be an amazing experience for the employees if they end up adding or rather making their daily tasks creative. Try to use a new approach to solve the problem at hand. Don your thinking caps to come up with something innovative which not only makes you feel good but also earns you brownie points from your superiors while also becoming a game-changer or a resume writer skill!

4.     Take on new roles

There are times when individuals introduce a change to their daily jobs, you find new job search tips here; they end up reveling in the change. For instance, take up a leadership role within your team or opt to lead a new project. The idea is to keep on bringing in changes to your routine in order to keep them from getting dull. Eliminate the anguish by making your job dynamic and slightly unpredictable for yourself to keep you on your toes and your brains churning round the clock. With the things taking for an interesting turn, waking up every single morning will become much more inviting.

5.     Group breaks

Whenever you take breaks, try to take it with some colleagues and use this time to socialize with them. Even if it is a small coffee break or maybe a regular productive time out, including multiple colleagues along with you will refresh you and also act as an energizing activity. You can even use the time to showcase your hobby or other talents in front of your colleagues to garner some appreciation while refreshing yourself and entertaining everyone.

6.     Improvise your workplace

Recreate an atmosphere in the office that invites you and is productive on the whole. Avoid gossiping or any sort of negativity and use your talents or hobbies to induce positivity in the office. In case a co-worker is good at art, then you can use his or her talents to beautify your workplace. Keep the discussions healthy enough for everyone to feel included and encouraging at the same time.

7.     Be on a lookout

Always be on a lookout for new and exciting projects for yourself. Opportunities are always arising at offices, no matter whether they are new entrepreneurial ventures or Fortune 500 companies. There is always a chance that some or the other project might really interest you or even pose as a challenge that you would like to partake.

8.     Stay active

Try to incorporate an activity that fills you with positive energy throughout the day and keeps you fit as well. Incorporate a healthy lifestyle and try to get adequate sleep in order to remain active during the day. This allows you to complete your tasks and cross items off your to-do list proactively which inevitable eliminated dullness from the work front. Many individuals detest their careers owing to their never-ending to-do lists, and by adopting a much healthier approach, tasks can be much easily handled.

9.     Focus

Focus on the tasks at hand. Often individuals make a mistake of handing multiple tasks at hand, which eventually adds on to their stress levels. If needed, delegate some of your tasks to get them completed more efficiently and at a much quicker pace.

10.  Superimpose fun on work

There are many offices that allow employees to listen to music while working on the task at hand. If your team is on board, incorporate some fun elements in the way you communicate with one another. Make the place much more interactive rather than simply sitting stuck to your own screens. Include a leisure hour where you make it a mandate for all of you to talk to one another in prose or use humorous phrases. This will also sharpen your brain while entertaining everyone as well.