11 Advantages Of An SEO Optimized Website For Your Business


The digital field has dramatically changed over the last few years. However, Search Engine Optimization remains an important and effective marketing strategy. Because of its effectiveness, SEO has become widely adopted as a virtual marketing strategy. Website optimization is a must for any business or individual that wants to get their business or themselves ranking higher in the search engines. Here are reasons why your business needs an SEO optimized website.

Increased Traffic

Top positions on the SERPs or search engine results pages get a majority of the clicks and impressions. This is why ranking on these top positions will result in a significant increase in traffic to your website. SEO will also concentrate on creating relevant keywords and informative meta descriptions, and title tags that will be displayed on the results pages. When your website has optimized descriptions and tags, it will help to increase the click-through rate, and this will promote increase in qualified web traffic. Using analytics and reporting tools to track traffic to your website will help you to clearly watch the number of people visiting your site, and your sales increasing significantly.

Cost-effective marketing

SEO is one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies because it mainly targets users that are actively looking for your services or products online. The inbound nature of SEO helps businesses to save money as opposed to outbound techniques such as cold-calling. Even though cold-calling may still be an effective strategy, the lead generated can cost 60% more than the leads that are generated by inbound techniques like SEO. Furthermore, since SEO tends to target users that are actively looking for products and services that you are offering, the traffic that results from Search Engine Optimization will be more qualified compared to other advertising strategies such as traditional mail-based marketing, TV commercials, or newspaper ads. This results in immense cost-savings for businesses.

Return on Investment/ ROI

Search Engine Optimization offers trackable and quantifiable results, whether you are an e-commerce or non-ecommerce website. Digital marketing agencies can track almost every aspect of their SEO strategy, for example, increase in traffic, conversions, and rankings. By tracking website traffic, conversions, and increase in your SERPS rankings across search engines and social media sites, you will get granular-level information about your clients and their engagement level down the buying funnel. Analyzing this data can assist you in refining your advertising campaigns, and will help you save resources, time, and money in the process. Search Engine Optimization is crowned as one of the most affordable long-term advertising strategies that helps businesses to build awareness, generate qualified leads, and increase the rate of conversion.

Increased website usability

SEO makes your e-commerce or non-ecommerce website easy to navigate for the major search engines. It will assist in making the website more navigable for your online users as well. This is because SEO involves rearranging the architecture of your website and links to make your web pages very easy to find and navigate. This will make it easier for the search engine bots and crawlers to find, crawl, and index your site. In addition, your website users and visitors will have an easy time finding information on your website.

Strong segmentation

Traditional marketing strategies such as television ads, printed newsletters, newspaper classifieds, and billboard signs are expensive strategies that are doomed from the beginning, and they do not focus on a segment of users. These conventional strategies scream aimlessly for attention, and do not offer much conviction for users to keep listening. Instead of preaching without direction, Search Engine Optimization naturally attracts clients who are already looking for your products and services. SEO enables you to break down market segmentation into almost a decimal by behavior, device, location, landing pages, keywords, referring sites, and many more. This gives your business the leverage to specifically target clients who are already looking for you and your business.

Higher brand credibility because people trust Google

For most online users, higher page rankings on search engines equate to a business being reputable. This means that people are likely to trust and check out your website if it is near the top of the first page compared to anything that is near the bottom of the page. By investing in SEO website, your business will become a brand name. You will be the company that clients will run to, and your competitors will want to beat. Search Engine Optimization boosts the credibility of businesses in a variety of ways. Social engagement, link building, and content optimization are some of the major approaches to building a successful and reputable website.

Establish Brand Awareness

Businesses that have established a strong virtual presence usually become the preferred brands when individuals are looking for their products or services. This is particularly the case when websites have a higher ranking link that points to their site. The top position ranking in the search engine is associated with significant impressions and will translate to more exposure for your site. In addition, being on the first page of the search engines because of your specific target keywords will help online users to associate with your brand, and will also instill trust. This is because companies that are on the first page are perceived to be trustworthy. The more your content and web pages rank in the higher search engine positions, the more chances you have for online users to see all your content and associate with your brand.

SEO will help your website stand out

With over 250 million websites on the internet today, your business needs to stand out for it to be seen. Furthermore, with all these websites, it can be challenging to make a name for your business online, especially if you are selling highly competitive products or services. With the right SEO strategies in place, your brand will stand out from the rest, and your business will be advertised to more people especially if you get to the topmost positions on the SERPs. SEO may be the only boost that your business needs for you to see your sales going through the roof.

Mobile friendliness

Google introduced a mobile-friendly update on its algorithm in April 2015. This was to penalize websites that were not responsive or well optimized across mobile devices. Having a mobile-friendly design is crucial because today billions of people access the internet using their mobile devices. Apart from updating to a responsive and beautiful web design, Search Engine optimization can also help in boosting the overall mobile user experience. The addition of superior quality images and descriptive file names and text, and enhancing faster page load speed are excellent practices that will help your website achieve mobile optimization. Your users will no longer have to deal with bad experiences such as pinching the screen in order to zoom in, which can make them spend less time on your website, and lower the chances of users returning to your site.

Take your business to a whole new level

SEO can attract thousands and thousands of online visitors to your business website in a day. This can force your business to expand to a more prominent web server in order to accommodate the growing traffic and sales to your ecommerce website. Your clients may even recommend to you the services or products that they were looking for when visiting your website, and you may need to accommodate these growing needs. SEO is a great investment for your business, and it may be what you are looking for in order to take your company to the next level.

Have access to crucial data

With the right SEO strategies, you will access crucial customer information. You can determine new products or services to expand to by checking keyword data, and knowing what online users are looking for most. You can also use this information to the advantage of your business, and find high search volume keywords that have low competitiveness. Even though this can be quite challenging to find, it has the potential of bringing sales going up to thousands to your website every month. Customer data is valuable for any business, and it is not challenging to come by when you have the right SEO tools. Manipulating this data to your advantage can be exponentially beneficial to your business.

As technology advances, so does the way that consumers search for businesses on the internet. Many people are searching online using different devices such as desktops, tablets, mobiles, and more to find the right products and services in their locality. Research reports show that 75% of users will never scroll past the first page of the SERPs. Furthermore, consumer surveys show that consumers read online reviews when evaluating the reputation of local businesses. Such evidence confirms that building and maintaining a credible and strong virtual presence through your website is an important component of your advertising strategy. Search engine optimization is one powerful marketing technique that will help you in accomplishing both the offline and online success of your business.