12 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Social media is firmly one of the most respectable forms of marketing today as many companies are engaged in it. Social media can be used as a marketing tool to discover new customers, converse with older customers, sell products and so much more. These uses make it a valuable asset to any forward looking business.

However, measuring impact in social media is harder than conventional marketing or advertising. Many business owners don’t know what the best ways to do this and this is bad.

The following compilation is a list of some of the best social media monitoring tools.

1. Plagtracker

Plagtracker is a plagiarism checker that allows you to monitor the originality of your status and statements on social media. This tool ensures that whatever you give or share with your audience or fans is authentic. This can establish you as an authority online and on social media.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows users to monitor a large number of social media accounts in one place allowing one to do all the social functions in one web window. You can use it to manage multiple social media accounts for your business.

3. Klout

Klout is a popular social media tool you can use to measure social impact. It gives the influencer score on social media, helping you learn from your competitors and what they are doing right.

4. TweetReach

TweetReach is a crucial social media tool which allows you to track activity around your twitter account.

5. PeerIndex

PeerIndex gives you the ability to find out how much online influence you have and what topics make you an influence. Its great if are planning the best strategy to have more impact online.

6. Twitalzer

Twitalzer is a tool which as the name suggests, helps you analyze Twitter activity for your business account. For instance, the tool states what engagement, influence and general impact on Twitter. Whereas this tool is not free, there are several plans which you can use to align to your business goals and objectives on Twitter.

7. Facebook Insights

Facebok Insights is a social media monitoring tool which allows businesses analyze what is happening to their Facebook page. Mainly, people use this tool to monitor engagement and growth to strategize growth.

8. Social Mention

Social mention is a tool which is dedicated to monitoring online mentions on social media. Social media works best if there is a lot of buzz around the brand or product. This tool monitors the specific individuals who mention you on social media, enabling you understand their needs, or become part of the conversation.

9. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is a social monitoring tool that has been around for a while now and hailed for its efficiency by many social media experts.  This tool allows you to view all your social media feeds in one place where you can respond on the go. In addition to the feeds, this tool allows you to schedule your Tweets. This is especially when you are busy with your business affairs; this tool allows you to make a schedule around it.

10. Brand monitor

Brand monitor is another popular social monitoring tool you can use to study what is happening to your brand on social media. For instance, you can learn what type of mentions you get on social media. If the brand news is bad, you can do damage control to avoid a slump in your profits.

11. Topsy

Topsy is a real time social media search engine. It collects all information happening in your industry in real time, enabling you know what others are talking about. Such insights can be a great blessing for your business’ social success.

12. Google anlaytics

Google analytics is another great tool you can use to track information about what is happening socially for your brand. In most cases, this tool analyses your social traffic and how it converts into real buyers on your website.