15 Jobs that let you work for yourself


Whether you’re planning to quit the job or looking to earn passive income, self-employment is the best option for you. Did you know, self-employment offers great flexibility and freedom compared to working in an organization? Yes!!! The self-employed jobs will give an opportunity to work according to your schedule and comfort. Many people are setting up a spare business to earn money.

Being self-employed is a dream for many!!! Self-employment is amazing and awesome. Having a secured and self-employed job will fulfil your goals.

Are you dreaming of starting a new business? Looking for a self-employed job? YES!!! Follow the list of popular self-employed jobs. Find the perfect job and jump into it. 

Graphic designers

A graphical designer is responsible for creating visuals to convey the branding message. Do you create attractive product labels, templates, logos or brochures? Looking for a high-paying job? You’re lucky!!! Many companies are looking for graphic designers. Work at your comfort zone and create customized visuals for their websites. You need to be passionate and creative while creating branding visuals for business. Photoshop and Canva are handy tools to create visual materials. Graphic designers need to understand the colour theory and design software programs.


The majority of content writers are self-employed. Excellent writing is the key to freelancers. A writer is responsible to produce fresh, unique and effective content for the organization. Freelance writers are earning passive income by writing articles, book and advertisement copy for individuals or companies. Generate ideas before pitching the content. Research topic, create fresh content and edit your work before submitting. Content writing can be a better job for the one who has excellent communication skills and education background in journalism or mass communication.

Mortgage advisor

Do you hate Monday? Of course, many people don’t like Monday. A mortgage advisor is the better choice for you. There is no specific educational qualification necessary to become a mortgage advisor. Join the CEMAP Course and gain complete knowledge about mortgage advisors.

If you’ve confidence and excellent listening skills, a mortgage advisor is the best self-employment job for your career. As a mortgage advisor, you need to analyse the market. Understand the features and advantages of mortgages. Also, fill the mortgage application form and discuss financial management with clients.

Event planner

An event planner is responsible for coordinating social events or other parties. An event manager manages all the facet of events like a wedding, seminar or corporate event. Their primary responsibilities are booking a venue, handling workers, coordinating catering and more. An event planner is the self-employed professional job. To become an event planner, you need to opt for wedding and event planning courses online to gain excellent communication skills and have a clear understanding of the event management. 

Social media specialist

Social media is ruling the world. Marketers are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter to run a successful business.

Want to become a social media specialist? Learn social media marketing strategies and get in-depth knowledge on every platform. Set a proper goal and understand how to generate organic traffic on social media platforms. The chances are high, as every business requires a social media specialist. Become an effective social media specialist and develop your skill set.

Product research and survey

Want to earn millions in a short period? Hurray!!! Online survey websites are the best choice for you. There are thousands of online survey businesses that are offering high payout structures. All you need to answer the questions by browsing the internet. Spend a couple of hours on research and complete the survey. Keep a note, the longer the online survey, the greater the payout structure. Get registered for as many online survey websites to maximize your opportunities.

Software developer

Software developers are the heart of an organization. A software developer is responsible for developing a product according to business requirement. 

Do you have good experience in software development? There are several opportunities available for you. Become a self-empowered developer and keep yourself happy. Develop unique and powerful applications to stand out from the competition. If you want to build a successful career in software development, keep yourself up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Teach English online

Good news for native English speakers!!! Earn money from the comfort of your home. Everybody wants to learn English from a native speaker. Teaching English online is the best way to earn money. All you need is a desktop and internet connection.

Teaching English for all age-groups is one of the top self-employment ideas. As educational industries are booming, online teaching is on high demand. Teachers are spending a couple of hours and earning better passive income.

Professional speakers

Are you a professional and confident speaker? Yes!!! There are several businesses looking for comfortable speakers. There are few business entrepreneurs that don’t have enough courage to give a speech in front of a large audience. Therefore, they hire a professional speaker.  Become a professional speaker and deliver the speech in front of large groups, clients and earn money in a flexible way. Apart from discussing business products, you can deliver inspiration and motivation speech to the audience. A motivational speaker is a high-paying self-employed person.

Academic tutor

A tutor is called an academic tutor. A tutor is responsible to provide complete assistance and guidance to one or more students on certain skills or academic subjects. Mathematics, social studies and science are the primary subjects for academic tutors. A tutor will spend a few hours transferring their expertise on a certain topic to the student. Many businesses are looking for an academic tutor, apply and start earning money by helping students.

Music tutor

It’s no secret the academic tutors are on high demand. On the other hand, music tutors are also in high demand. Yes, you’ve heard it right. If you can play any music instrument and have great teaching skills, you can start a music academy. All you need to have little patience while teaching. Start earning money in a fun way by teaching music to kids and adults.

Repair work

Machines are affecting several people across the world. People can’t imagine their life without a machine. On the other hand, machines undergo repair sometimes. There are few people who pick repairing work as their career. If you want to get better opportunities for self-employment, repairing is an amazing option for you. Learn how to repair mobiles, computers, appliances and hardware products. Start a repair business and make money. At the initial stage, you need capital to buy tools that are used while repairing the machines.


A blogger is a passionate writer who writes content for the website. Are you a passionate and professional blogger? Yes!!! Turn your passion into a business. Start blogging and make money in a simple way. There are many businesses who are looking to advertise their products or services. If you have a website with high traffic, allow the business to promote their products on your blog. Picking the pay-per-click module to make money. Apart from selling your products or services, make money through advertisement. This is the best way to generate revenue with no efforts.

Video marketing

Nowadays customers expect to watch the product or service in the form of action. Therefore businesses are creating videos to increase visitors engagement. Video marketing is a popular strategy to reach the target audience and increase audience satisfaction. An engaging video is one of the effective strategies to reach target customers.

Video is dominating the digital marketing world. If you can create a powerful video, video marketing is the right job for you. Start creating how-to videos and funny videos to interact with the audience. Businesses are looking for video marketers to create personalized videos to keep on their blogs or websites. Convert your video audience into target customers. Impress the businesses by implementing storytelling concepts in video format. Create personalized video and increase emotional connection and marketing initiatives.

Resume writing service

Resume is the standard tool for marketing yourself. It outlines the educational background, technical skills and work experience. When you have a pretty resume on your hand, the chances of getting hired by a company will be more. Many freshers and experienced employees prefer resume writing service to get a high paying salary job.

If you can prepare an effective resume, then running a resume writing service is the right job for you. Also, there are few resume writing sources available online. Check out them and learn more about resume writing. Less amount of initial budget is required to start a resume writing service.


Employees dream of a successful and flexible career. Because they can work on their own terms without worries. There are thousands of jobs available on a self-employed basis. Follow the list and find a professional job and enjoy self-employed freedom. Each job in the list requires less investment to start. Pick the perfect job that is best for you. Fix your finances and set a long-term goal.