15 Useful Chrome Extensions Designed For Businesses


As we complete our daily tasks, we want some tools that could help simplify the tasks. In this article, we have compiled a list of such tools that will come in handy for your daily tasks. While collecting them, we took into account the daily tasks of the business:

  • Planning
  • Communication with potential buyers by phone and mail
  • Search for partners and clients
  • Working with documents  
  • Logging into various systems using passwords.

All the tools described are even used by financial consultants and can be downloaded from the Chrome web store. Hope they help you improve your business’ efficiency and sales.


  1. Day by day: quickly add events to Google Calendar

An extension that allows you to add tasks and events to Google is Google calendar. After installation, a blue icon appears on the top bar of the browser, in the right corner. Clicking on it opens a compact form in which you can enter information.

  1. Todoist: To-Do List And Task Manager

Allows you to add and manage tasks right in the browser. Also in the extension, you can improve achieving your goals, and look at the trends in your productivity. You can set a break for a vacation or weekend.

In addition to the basic functionality, in the free version, you can assign a priority to a task, create projects and add tasks to them. 


  1. Ringostat Smart Phone 

The extension is designed to make and receive calls directly in Google Chrome. To work with it, you need to register with Ringostat. After installing it, you can call with one click from any sites that have a phone number by simply clicking on it. When there is an incoming call from a client, a pop-up push notification appears.

  1. Unlimited Email Tracker

This extension helps to see if the recipients have opened your emails. It is useful to understand if a person has seen a sales pitch, meeting invitation, and when.  For example, you can check whether the bank has received your email to open your business accounts or not. The extension also shows how many times the email was opened and the link in it was clicked. 

Search For Clients And Partners

  1. ProspectIn

This extension helps to generate leads from LinkedIn and save time. According to the developers, this extension saves about 70% of the time that is usually spent searching for leads on LinkedIn. It allows:

  • Automatically visit the pages of the right people, subscribe to them, send friend requests, and messages
  • Run mini-CRM in the browser by taps with leads.

To work with the extension, you need to set the conditions that potential partners or clients must meet. 

  1. Hunter

The extension independently finds email addresses on the site. To do this, you do not need to visit the required site; you just need to specify the domain. The tool can split the collected addresses by the field of activity of their owners: marketing, finance, tech support, sales, etc. You can also see the link where the extension found the email.

Document and Password Organizers

  1. FYI

Solve the problem of long search of documents and storage issues. You can download a lengthy document containing business ideas and save it there without worrying about the space. After installing the extension, you need to select the tools you work with and establish a connection between them. After that, the list of documents will be pulled up automatically. There is a quick search bar at the top of the interface.

The list of people who have access to documents is also displayed on the right – you can filter all files that are available to a specific employee with one click. 

  1. Keeper

Allows you to store and manage all passwords used in the Chrome browser in one interface. The advantages that the tool gives:

  • No need to write down and remember passwords 
  • With its help, you can quickly log in to various accounts
  • The interface can store information about payment cards
  • If desired, the service can set up a two-factor authorization code for various services


Hope our article will help you save time and company manpower. The main thing is to try new solutions and find the most suitable ones for your daily tasks. Are you using other helpful tools to optimize workflows? If not you should use some mentioned in this article