Organising an event is pleasant, but can also be stressful.

Did you fix the date and venue for your event? Done a great job. You might be dreaming for the day from past days. You are waiting to watch event registrations roll in. And in the end, you could not make it happen.

You get panic. It’s like you have received a mini heart attack. Thousands of questions would be running on your head. Where is everybody? As days and months roll by, and still there are no registrations.

Event marketing requires time, budget and dedication. You need to market your event in creative ways to assure that you gain huge attendees at your event. Do you think, your job is just done by announcing an event on own website or blog? Absolutely no, you need to stay in touch beforehand, during and also after your event to maintain an eternal relationship. In the end, all you need is to launch a successful event and let people know about your brand.

Are you running a corporate business? Looking for various solutions for your corporate event to be successful, then stick here. In this article, you can gain enough knowledge about how to market your event.

Idea and concept

Businesses are organising an event from ages. It’s no secret everyone who attends event want to get a memorable experience. Whether it can be a corporate event or kitty party; everyone would like to experience great things i.e novel and worthy. Therefore if you want to gain people’s hearts then come up with an amazing event idea, always remember to be more flexible. Make your heart and mind pleasant for event processing idea. Your concept must be fresh and unique.

Compelling description

Will you attend a party without knowing the time and venue? Of course no. Therefore it’s important to indicate event time, venue and eligible attendees. The description needs to be compelling and also include special benefits for the individual attendee. Make the description comprehensive and easily understandable.

The event description is the best way to get the attention of the attendees in your event. 

  • Make the description easy to read and understand
  • Paint your own picture
  • Add frequently asked questions to your description 

Display enthusiastic speaker images and bios

Do you have a speaker page? If no, then it’s time to create an effective speaker page. Because great speaker can easily draw a huge crowd just like magnets. The speaker page must contain their pictures, personal and professional information.

Think wisely and make the right decision while approaching speakers. Keeping public speakers on budget and time is a challenging task faced by many event organizers. There are times when speakers lost their control to schedule. Hence choose an enthusiastic public speaker, who can effectively carry away your event to the next level.

Event image

Stand out from the crowd by creating the best event image. Never ever copy an image from others. If you want to be unique, create a personalized image for your event. When you create a high standard image, it can easily share on social channels. Include the brand logo and caption while designing your event image. It can improve your brand awareness.

 Event-related video

Though images play an important role in promotions, there is something beyond – Videos. When you’re watching an advertisement on television, you can easily be connected to their products or services. Also, remember it for a longer period. Create an eye-catching video for your event. Video marketing is used by many businesses in today’s digital world.

The textual content can be less engaging in the potential audience than video generated content. Perfect video marketing generates maximum engagement when compared to other strategies.

Use local media

In today’s digital world, local media is one of the tried-and-proven marketing strategies. It is used by small and large businesses to create brand awareness. Local media is an amazing channel to promote your event. You can even display an ad in a local newspaper. Additionally, you can surf local happening portals, these sites will talk about news and events that are happening in the local area. Approaching community-oriented media can be the best way to get your event information in front of target audience eye. Make sure to find the best local mix channel to promote your event.

Social media

Is there anyone who is unaware of the word “Social Media”? Probably nobody right. Social media platform can work perfectly to promote your event. Social media is used to improve brand awareness and connect with potential customers. There is a wide range of social networking channels which have been introduced every day with a unique set of features and purpose. The popular social media channel is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Create a specific page for your event on Facebook. Therefore you can simply promote your event for free.

Organizing an event without social media presence is just like leaving money on the table. As per research, 78% of businesses prefer social media channels to promote their events. These platforms help greatly to validate your business.

Word of mouth

Without a doubt, word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting an event. 95% of customers trust more on recommendations from relatives or friends.

Your event can be successful when you build a unique experience for a single customer, there’s an immense chance to share their experience and information about your event with their dear ones. Keeping it simple, word of mouth (WOM) marketing include getting your consumers to advertise for you. 


Many marketers underestimate the superpower of blogging. If you are one among them, it’s time to change your mind. Blogging is the best strategy to promote your event. Write an evergreen and engaging article and include a few relevant links for additional references for your customers.

Blogging can serve the business for multiple purposes. Make sure you concentrate on the idea and purpose of the event. Creating an evergreen article can improve your ranking on search engines. Once the article is live on your blog, share on social media platforms.

Promote on Twitter

When organizing an event, you can definitely understand the value of using twitter for marketing. Hashtags play a vital role while promoting an event. Also, helps to start a conversation on a specific topic or interest.

Digital marketers recommend creating a unique hashtag for your upcoming event. Additionally, it’s an amazing way to engage with already existing hashtags. Twitter has introduced TwitterChat. It helps to start a conversation for attendees around a particular topic. You can invite other people to your event using TwitterChat.

Email marketing

Keeping it simple, email marketing is the process of sending a promotional message to potential customers or clients using email. It is an effective digital marketing approach to convert business prospects into ideal customers and one-time purchaser into loyal.

It’s time to let your company database do the job for you. Create a personalized email by including curated content, visual and links. Send an email to everyone who is there in your contact list. Give complete information about your event – what, when and where. In the end, mention price information, and include CTAs like subscribe and share button.

Utilise listing sites

How about listing your event on the popular listing website? Sounds great right. It is one of the best approach to market your event to a massive audience.

Want to reach a wider audience? Then list your event that has a robust viewer base profile. While submitting your upcoming event on these websites can become syndicate with a massive range of sites. Also, it can spread the word of mouth further. The best part is, no additional fee and effort are required.


Are you looking for a cost-effective approach to promote your event? Then the newsletter is the right choice for you. How often do you send a newsletter to your ideal customers? Weekly once or twice. Sending a newsletter regularly can build trust and connect with your prospects.

Now, it’s time to feature your event through the newsletter. By sending to a prospect can allow targeting interested people. Never ever forget to include a landing page link “Event Page”. In order to perform an action, it’s mandatory to add a link. Try to use attractive visuals that can catch your potential customer’s eye.


Want more registrations? Then it’s time to tap into your network of other popular brands to market your event. Do you have business partners? Have you built strong relationships with other business in your niche? Then it’s the perfect time to stay in touch with them. 

Approach them and offer something to promote your event on their blogs or social media channels. It works on a give and takes policy. You can promote their brand by adding their company logo in your promotional materials. Help each other and spread your word across the globe.

Mobile Discovery

Whether it is home or office, what is the common thing that accompanies you? It’s a mobile phone right. In general, a smartphone is ruling the world. Mobile phones are used by everyone to stay connected across the globe. People are using mobile phones more than desktops. Create a mobile-friendly event page, these days selling event tickets effectively on smartphones is mandatory. Create effective user experience for mobile users, make sure the event page loads quickly.

Create an infographic

Infographics are defined as a visual representation of content. It uses statistics, graphs, pie-chart and objects to create infographics. Many small and large business use this for presenting their ideas. Design your event infographic and build effective customer experience.

Creating infographics is the best way to share your event around the web. Incredible infographics can be a combination of content and entertainment. When more people like and share your event, there is a possibility of discovering and attending your event by your viewers closed group also. 

Embrace podcasting

Many marketers don’t concentrate on podcasting. Keep an eye on that and never miss an opportunity to promote. Do you know every month 67 million users will listen to podcasts? Can’t believe right? Yes, it’s time to launch your event podcast with an eye-catching theme that perfectly fits your event. If you don’t have enough time to create a podcast, then become a guest speaker. Have a casual talk about the existing podcast and draw the attention from the related audience.

Facebook groups

Facebook is a popular social networking channel across the world. As per the market analysis, it boasts over 2 billion active users per month. The coolest feature of Facebook is “Facebook Groups”. It provides both public and private group to interact on a specific topic. Join in niche group and promote your event. Marketing your event on a Facebook group can charge a few bucks. Also, you can create a pool and request feedback from group members. It’s an amazing way of connecting with your audience and take suggestions through their feedback. 

Offer free tickets

What is your favourite word in the world? It’s the word “FREE”. When you’ve encountered the word FREE then automatically your eyes will stick on it. If you want to get a number of registrations then offer free tickets. It is one of the amazing ways to market your event. When you’re offering free tickets to people, you can request them to like, comment and share your event post on their social media profiles.

Search engine organization

SEO plays major role to boost traffic and conversions. Search engine prefers to have the content that is always relevant and engaging. Note a few basic things while writing an event post, such as 

  • Use “event” in title and description.
  • Include links for your landing page.
  • Add the call-to-action button to drive traffic.
  • Use visual like images, videos and infographics.