3 Apps for Secure & Convenient Business Communication


Any entrepreneur is bound to use E-mails and group chats to be in touch with clients and employees anywhere he or she goes. Any commercial information must be totally confidential and delivered via conventional means. Take a look at these 3 best apps for business communication which Freepps.top reviewed for you and prosper!

Yahoo Mail – Mature Choice

Yahoo Mail was founded in 1997 and survived dot-com bubble crisis. Today it’s one of the oldest top-5 free mailers on the market with a very handy Yahoo Mail app.

Mobile app supports several accounts, such as Google, AOL, and Outlook. To free your time from sorting out messages, Yahoo separates all of them by main topics. Due to this, none of annoying Facebook notifications litter your feed. Automatic folders, such as “Social”, ”Travel”, ”Finance”, ”Shopping”, and “People” detect topics incredibly precise. In addition to this, you can create your own folders, mark important emails and adjust rules for specific senders, that is highly useful with regular customers. Customization also includes an image block which is useful in areas with low signal and cuts data consumption at the same time.

Yahoo knows that you need file exchanging tool, so it provides a 1TB storage plus parallel integration of Google Drive and Dropbox clouds which are commonly used in the business community.

App’s interface is up to date and needs no instructions to get by. Performance is speedy and doesn’t seemingly load RAM in any mode on any 2014 and later devices.

Slack – All is one, one is all

It’s not our first Slack review at Freepps.top over the past few years, so we tested it far and wide multiple times.

Slack is an instant messenger with loads of additional features which are totally devoted to all scales of businesses. First of all, this app is a smart hub that allows you to integrate more than a hundred of third-party business services from 20 categories to avoid switching between apps. Surprisingly, it handles running with a fair dozen of add-ons with no lags completely.

You can write, call, share a screen, edit documents, create design drafts, and share reports in teams which are divided into threads. The whole conversation tree is powered with a search engine that is able to find any object and person.

The slack app is designed for cross-platform business communication with no boundaries. Developers managed to put such a Swiss-army-knife app into an easy user interface with unlimited space for personal customization.

Gmail – Google Essential

At Freepps.top we use Google services every day, as they proved to provide tons of quality free features for editorial and business use.

Gmail app provides a significant bundle of services in one account. Similarly to Yahoo Mail, it allows you to connect multiple mailboxes to one account, but it has no restrictions for service providers. All incomings are automatically filtered into topics with a fast search engine. Attachment tool supports popular clouds with 15GB of internal storage in basic subscription. Unlike Yahoo it supports calendars, so it’s very comfortable to receive notifications and invites without switching between apps.

Security firewall is 100% effective against attacks, spam, virus content, etc. In collaboration with Google services, such as Documents, Drive, Calendars, Allo, Contacts, My Business, Finance, Flight Tickets, and more it proves to be the most versatile and most flexible business solution on the market. By the way, Slack users can integrate all these services for corporate needs.

The Verdict

All in all, we highly recommend these applications for business use, because over the last decade they have proved to be absolutely secure, ultimately tangible, and the least time-taking. All these points make them unique and almost indispensable.