3 Common mistakes managers make when planning their employee work schedule


The ideal schedule is that which keeps all your business moving with your employees at their best and happy with their income and working hours. While a Hubstaff online employee software schedule is so close to perfection, the closer you get to it, the sooner you can achieve lift off! So don’t stop in your quest to come up with the holy grail of work schedules, start now with a simple approach and expand to fit your company needs. On your way, avoid the following pitfalls

Double schedule- this error is only likely if you are not using a state of the art scheduling software like Hubstaff. Usually happens when you have one employee who works two shifts at different capacities. This means when you are short, you might call upon the same employee t work two slots at the same time.

It is important to note that sometimes employees might have some important commitments elsewhere that they can’t meet and make plans for emergency staff. Your employees will willingly do a double shift if you let them understand why they have to do it in the first time. It has to be consensual and if they say no then you just have to find another way.

Scheduling staff for the wrong job. When you are at full capacity, you just might find that you have fewer workers in one department and more in another. A common mistake is to give your bartender a job working the grill. Scheduling an employee for a task they have no experience at or have not been properly trained to do is a time bomb whether you do it willingly or by mistake.

No matter how amazing they are at their current department, they just might not live up to your expectations in a different line of work. Your best bet when understaffed is to outsource or make do with the few available pros you have.

Overscheduling employees

Again no matter how good an employee is, if you overwork them, their productivity goes down or they eventually quit. If an employee signed up as a part timer, do not end up giving them too many shifts. Understanding how many hours your team members are willing to work is the secret to a contented crew. On the same not, full time workers are also entitled to enough downtime as the rest and full benefits including paid holidays and an occasional retreat. Team building activities and end of year party are also some of the encouraged ways to build a cohesive team of experts.

Not overscheduling actually works to your advantage in the way of savings since you have to pay less overtime.

On the other hand, under scheduling full time employees will make it a problem for them to meet their financial obligations. Even part timers need to meet their minimum agreed upon hours if they are to remain available for you during the said hours. It’s easy to see how this can get complicated fast but it just means that you have to consider each employee individually. Again, when you are using a timekeeping hub like Hubstaff online employee software, it becomes easier to manage a larger team with differing needs and preferences.

If you are able to stay away from these common mistakes that managers make when planning work schedules, you should be well on your way to business growth with an indefatigable team. So what is left to make the schedule error free? Listen to your employees, have them work the shifts they want and not force it on them. Otherwise, there will be shifts that no one wants, make sure these too are fairly distributed so that no one employee gets to work late all the time.  Get Hubstaff online employee software today and streamline your operations easily.