3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Customer Service


Canadian shoppers are placing a premium on UX, or user experience: How do they feel about their website visit and your online customer service? Many online stores sell similar merchandise, and in order to grow your eCommerce business, you need to find a key differentiation. You might need to make your customers feel special with superior customer support. How can you accomplish this?

There are many business technological tools that can give you an edge. These help you understand what your customer wants, and provide your customers with valuable information, so they can make the best choice. With that in mind, let’s learn 3 easy ways to improve your online customer service.

1. Cheap Shipping

A successful business provides its customers with the products necessary for them to get the most from life, but those products need to be shipped reliably and inexpensively in order for the eCommerce customer to continue buying from you, and not a brick and mortar establishment. After all, everyone loves to save money.

Online stores can save money when shipping internationally by using a courier broker, which helps their customers transition from offline to online purchases. Customers don’t have to drive to the local shopping mall – they can get their online merchandise cheaply due to low shipping rates.

2.CRM Software

Learning everything about your customer is one way to improve customer service. You can satisfy their needs before they even ask. That can be accomplished with the most advanced customer relationship management (CRM) software.

CRM software allows you to collect, organise and manage buying habits, purchases and communication between you and the customer. People want to receive personal attention, and with CRM, you can place valuable information at the fingertips of your customer service representatives.

This allows your employees to provide faster, more effective customer support. They know exactly what consumers purchased and when. People feel special when you know details about their buying habits.

3.Personalised Push Notifications

Once you have the latest CRM system, you can create an effective digital marketing strategy using personalised push notifications. You will need to have the customer download your business app and opt in to receiving push notifications. What are the advantages of push notifications?

Push notifications are special deals, upselling recommendations and rewards for your best customers. You can use your CRM to automatically recommend another product that customers might like based on their last purchase. CRM provides VIP service to your most valuable customers.

Competition for the best eCommerce customers is so fierce that you need to do something to stand out. Not only are you competing with other eCommerce business, but you’re competing also with the entirety of brick and mortar businesses that offer a similar product as you. Show how much you value your customers’ purchases by treating them well. Give customers personalised deals and allow them to compare shipping costs to create the best user experience. This can give you the competitive edge you need in the market right now.