Becoming an entrepreneur is becoming an increasingly popular way to make a living, as tens of millions of people own or are starting their own business. Whether you are just starting a business or have been operating for a while, there are few things your business should have in order to be successful. Of course, you need a good product or service and a quality staff, but one of the most important things is to have the tools needed to run your company successfully.

As technology has matured over the years, software and tools have become incredibly important and without them, running a business would be much more expensive, labor intensive and much more inefficient.

With that in mind, this article is going to look at three of the most important types of tools that your new company or business should be using. Of course, these tools can also be used by established companies as they have value for businesses of all kind, no matter your industry or niche.

A Help Desk

While it would be awesome if your company operated perfectly without a hitch, that isn’t often how things work. There could end up being a lot of issues that your IT team needs to fix, and unfortunately, it can be tough to keep track of all the tickets and get everything fixed in a timely manner. This is why a tool like a help desk can be a big addition to your company.

In addition to a help desk for your IT team or other employees, it can also be valuable to use some sort of help desk to handle customer service enquiries. Managing and answering all of the questions customers might have can be daunting without some system or tool in place to categorize or assist in managing them.

Data and Analytics Tools


The importance of data analytics for your business cannot be overstated. Without keeping track of data and analytics, you may struggle to get ahead and won’t have the necessary information you need to make informed decisions about your business. These solutions can help you figure out who your customers are, how much they are spending, where they are from, where they came from and so much more.

Thankfully, there are a variety of different types of tools out there that can show you all of the relevant data you could ever imagine about your business. They can track your customers, track your performance, and find potential areas of improvement for your company. These will also be able to ensure that the data you are analyzing is high quality.

Social Media

With more than 2 billion people using social media across the world (a number that is only going to grow), social media is a tool that all small businesses should be taking advantage of. While selling on social media is possible and should be done from time to time, this tool is more about connecting with potential customers and sharing content they want to see.

Social media is also brilliant for testing the waters with certain ideas, products or services that you might one day offer. When running a social media account for your business, it is incredibly important to be consistent not only with when and how often you post, but also with your branding and the message you convey.

These three tools can be incredibly important in helping your startup be a success. Of course, there are plenty of other types of tools and software worth checking out, but these ones should definitely be used within your company if you want to experience success going forward.