3 Price Tracking Options For The E-Commerce Business


If you are an e-commerce business owner, one thing is for sure; you want to know what prices your competitors are offering. As online consumers can very easily compare online prices, you can’t afford to be undercut. In this article, we will examine 3 options for the business owner who wishes to keep track of competitors’ prices, which are as follows.

1.Manual Tracking – You could assign an IT employee to start monitoring all of your competitors and focus on pricing, which would be a full-time job, and that’s a big resource to lose, especially when there are software packages that are specifically designed to monitor online retail prices. Of course, if you have the time to visit all of your rivals’ websites and record their prices, then it would make for a challenging task, but by outsourcing this to a specialised app, everything is automated and configured by you.

2.Build an In-House System – If you hired a good software developer, they could design a system that will execute selected tasks that would give you the data you need. This would be a very costly exercise, somewhere on a par with having your own app created. When you have tailored software solutions for a fraction of the cost, developing your own system is not the best choice. There are also articles online that connect technology with business growth, highlighting the specific marketing tools that are now available which business owners or managers to refer to. Outsourcing is always the preferred way to do something complex, and rather than writing a program, find a price tracking software provider.

3.Price Tracking Software – All of the answers are within this package, and once installed and configured, you will receive alerts when a competitor changes their prices. The cost is minimal and once you’ve installed the program, the developer will be with you every step of the way, providing employee training and offering a wealth of information about price tracking. Contact a leading price monitoring software for eCommerce provider and they can show you what their program is capable of. Once configured, you will instantly be notified of any change in selected website prices, which gives you an opportunity to undercut your rivals, plus keep an eye on their operation.

The amazing development in the business software industry has given us very powerful online marketing tools, and the provider will assist you in merging this program into your network, while the user-friendly interface allows you to control every aspect of the tracking. You can track both Google and Amazon, while selecting actions you want the program to execute. If you would like to learn more about price tracking software, a Google search will take you to a developer’s website, where you can download and install the software.

Without the information regarding competitors’ pricing, you would be at a distinct disadvantage, and for a small outlay, you can install the latest generation of applications that does the job, and more.