3 Reasons You Should Consider Investing in a Power Amplifier


When designing or buying a sound system, you may choose to buy standard speakers, amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, or some other combination thereof. Here are three reasons why you should consider investing in a power amplifier over other sound system equipment.

The Integrated Amplifier Gives You the Sound and Simplicity You Need

Integrated amplifiers give you an all in one package: a pre-amp and amplifier in the same system and regulated by a single general voltage circuit. You have a single input that anyone can plug in. You get volume control. The sound is amplified and driven to your speakers. It is a single little package that is usually portable. If you want something simple and don’t care as much about sound quality and the ability to immerse yourself in the music, a high quality integrated amplifier is enough. Investing in a good quality integrated amplifier is worth it when it lets you enjoy the music coming from the sound system and you can experience the sound effects from your movies without distortion.

When Sound Quality Is at a Premium

Before integrated amplifiers became the norm about twenty years ago, sound systems were typically built out of tuners, pre-amplifiers, and power amplifiers. Improvements in technology have made the tuner almost obsolete, so sound quality enthusiasts find that they need a separate pre-amplifier and amplifier. The pre-amplifier is used to switch between sources. It also boosts the voltage gain of the signal to be amplified by the amplifier; the power amplifier is what will increase the current gain.

The benefit of good pre-amps and power amplifiers together is high-fidelity sound reproduction and ideal sound quality since the power amplification being separate from the pre-amplifier minimizes noise and interference. Invest in a quality pre-amps and amplifiers and you won’t have to spend more by increasing the number of amplifiers and speakers and dramatically increasing the complexity of your sound system. You could create a full media room with less hardware if you buy the right equipment. If you don’t know which hardware is best for your system, you can find the best stereo amplifier with Speakerxpert. Review sites allow you to compare various models in one place and easily compare specs.

When Nothing Else Gives You the Experience of Being at the Live Event

Modern tuners receive FM radio at a minimum. Many of them can receive AM and TV channels as well. Some tuners are built into an A/V receiver. Combining a pre-amp with an AM/FM tuner lets you connect several other signal sources. When would you want a sound system combining a tuner, amplifier, and pre-amp? The answer is the person who wants to receive the highest quality signal over the airwaves and play it on their audiovisual equipment or home entertainment center. Whether you want the news to play perfectly on multiple screens or watch live broadcast sports events with flawless sound, this is the only case where a high-quality tuner is an integral part of one’s A/V system. If you want to be able to immerse yourself in the sound track of your favorite high definition movie, a top-notch A/V receiver with a good tuner should be used in conjunction with an integrated amp or pre-amp and amplifier.

A good amplifier is essential if you want to really enjoy your home theater or stereo system to the fullest. Just remember to do your homework and compare different models before you make your decision.