3 Reasons People Don’t Checkout On Your Website


It happens all the time; people visit your website, browse, even put items in their online basket, but they don’t make it to the checkout and instead abandon all your goods. Understanding the most common reasons why this happens will give you a much better understanding of your own website, and it will give you a good idea of what you can do about it. Turning those abandoned baskets into sales can make a big difference to your bottom line and conversion rates.


Unexpected Costs

A big reason why people abandon their shopping carts before paying for the goods they have chosen are unexpected costs that are added on during the checkout process. These will mainly relate to shipping and packaging costs, and if they have not been mentioned elsewhere on your site, they can come as rather a shock – sometimes they can be completely prohibitive. One way to combat this is to include free shipping as part of your online promise. Sometimes retailers are able to absorb the cost themselves, but in other circumstances you can increase the price of your products a little to make up for it. If you prefer not to do this, then you will need to make sure that the shipping costs don’t come as a surprise, and are on your website for all to see.


Unsecure Payment Options

Although people do enjoy shopping online, they also know that it can be an unsecure thing to do, and it can lead in some cases to their payment details being stolen. This can be extremely worrying, and if you don’t clearly state that you offer secure payments, then your potential customers could decide to go to a different website where it is clearer and where they feel safer. You can show how secure your payment options are by including an SSL certificate on your site, and showing which payment methods you are able to accept. You could even include customer testimonials on the checkout page to cement the idea that all is well.


Crashing Website

A website crashing during the checkout process is something that many buyers simply don’t want or need to deal with. When it happens, they are more likely to abandon their cart than to keep trying, especially if they are worried that their order has actually gone through despite the crash; they don’t want to pay twice. There are plenty of reasons why a website might crash including bugs in your website code, too many people trying to access it at once, hackers attempting to access the site, an underpowered server (so there isn’t enough memory), or even just a case of ‘wrong place, wrong time’ because these things happen, even in 2018. Although you can’t stop the latter from happening, you can definitely work on the other reasons by updating your site’s security and migrating to a server that can cope with your needs. If your site allows people to buy from you without any frustration or confusion, then they will be more likely to come back, and even recommend you to others.