3 Things You Must Do to Engage Your Gen Z Workforce


If you want to employ a workforce dynamic enough to carry your business forward over the coming decade, you need to start employing Generation Z staff members. This young, hungry, and fresh-faced set of employees will bring new perspectives to the table, they’ll help you to get the most out of today’s top tech devices, and they’ll aid you in your attempt to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

But how do you engage this young workforce and subsequently get more out of them on a daily basis? To find three things you must do to keep your Generation Z employees engaged with their work, be sure to read on.

Listen to them

Generation Z have grown up with the internet quite literally at their fingertips. This means that they have always had information readily accessible to them, which in turn, means they are more knowledgeable than they are often given credit for.

If you want to engage your Gen Z employees, you shouldn’t treat them with kid gloves. Don’t underestimate how smart they are and make sure you actively listen to them when they come to you with new ideas.

Worried that your hectic schedule will hold you back from being able to sit down and listen to your Gen Z workforce on a regular basis? Fear not, as technology is at hand to provide you with a helping hand in this sense. With the inpulse.com employee engagement survey software solution by your side, you will be able to automate the process of gathering feedback from your employees. This software solution will allow you to obtain and measure real-time insights into how your Generation Z workers are currently feeling, coping, and performing. With this information at hand, you will then be able to provide them with the specific levels of support that they require as individuals.

Embrace their independence

They may have only recently finished college and entered the world of work, but Gen Z are already showing signs that they are an incredibly independent generation. If you want to get the best out of this workforce, you need to embrace their independence and encourage them to stamp their own identity on the work that they produce.

Provide mental health support

Quite rightly, mental health is massive talking point in this day and age… and Generation Z are right at the forefront of this conversation. They aren’t scared to advocate mental well-being initiatives, and you need to actively support them in this sense if you’re serious about engaging them on a deeper level.

If your employee mental health support program is currently leaving a lot to be desired, show your Gen Z workers that you are willing to improve it by putting the following advice into practice right away:

  • Commit to hosting social activities in your workplace on a regular basis
  • Actively listen to your employees whenever they come to you with a problem
  • Create personalized mental well-being plans for each individual staff member

Want to better engage your Generation Z workforce? If so, be sure to put all the advice laid out above into practice.