A big part of the reason why online streaming videos are so popular nowadays is because viewers prefer to be able to watch videos immediately rather than wait for it to download. However that advantage does come at a price – as it means that every time you watch an online streaming video you need to stream it once more.

If you have a fixed data allocation or an unstable internet connection, that can be far from ideal. Although some platforms have started to offer an option to download or save videos they are few and far between – which is why you may need to look at third-party options instead.

Websites to Download Online Streaming Videos

One of the most widely-used ways to save online streaming videos involves websites that will help perform the service. Most function in a similar fashion, where you paste the URL of the video that you want to download and it will eventually provide you with a link to download it.

While these websites are easy and convenient to use, they tend to have lots of advertisements and do have limitations in terms of the platforms they support as well as the quality and maximum duration of the video. Additionally because an URL is required these websites cannot save online streaming videos from within apps.

Browser Extensions and Add-ons

Generally there are two types of browser extensions and add-ons that can save online streaming videos. The first is not dissimilar to the websites described above, and function similarly – while the second detects videos present on a webpage and lets them be downloaded.

Although the second type of browser extensions have fewer advertisements and limitations in terms of the quality and maximum duration, most still only support certain platforms. On top of that because they are browser-based they aren’t able to save videos from within apps as well.

Screen Recorders

In contrast to the other options, screen recorders work differently and essentially record streaming video on PC directly from the screen itself. After the video is recorded it can then be saved.

Overall this method tends to be slower than ‘downloading’ videos and will take the same amount of time as the duration of the video itself. That being said it has fewer limitations, and can download online streaming videos from any website, platform or from within any app.

Now that you know how each of these ways to save online streaming videos works, you should be able to select the one that best suits your needs. Make no mistake there are lots of lists of tools to capture streaming video including Movavi Screen Recorder that should supply you with more than enough options.

Sometimes a bit of research can help you to learn more about specific platforms or software, especially if you can find reliable reviews. That way you’ll be fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the platform you choose to use, as well as any limitations or restrictions that it may have.