3 Ways to Make DHL International Package Tracking Easy


The German company DHL is one of the leaders in the delivery of goods. With offices and branches in over 220 countries and regions, it is no surprise that it is popular worldwide. If you are also a customer of this service, here are some quick ways to check the DHL track status of your package. Now you do not need to sit at home waiting for a courier or go to a pick-up point; all info is at your fingertips.

Search Engines

It is the easiest option if you neither have a special app nor want to manually search for a company’s website. You can use major search engines like Google to find information about your package, regardless of whether you send or receive it. Just enter a tracking number in a search bar, and the first link on the list will redirect you to the website of your delivery company.

DHL Services

The DHL company itself offers its customers several options for tracking shipments. You can familiarize yourself with all and choose the most convenient option for yourself.


You can check the status of your package directly on the official DHL website, which is accessible from both computers and mobile devices. In the Track-a-Parcel section, you need to enter the tracking number, and you will see the required data. Please note that depending on the region and shipment specifics, the combination of numbers can differ.


The company has developed a simple application specifically for Android and iOS mobile devices. With their help, you can track your parcels anytime and anywhere. You can do it with the tracking number or just scan the barcode.

Other methods

If the previous options do not work for you for any reason, DHL offers alternative ways. For example, you can write an email to a delivery service’s address or use WhatsApp messages. Besides, you can send a text message to the phone number of the customer service department or call the dedicated answering machine.

Universal Delivery Services

Of course, some clients remain loyal to one company and use only its services. However, most people still prefer to have several options since, in some situations, one carrier can offer better terms than another. For such cases, all-in-one services exist, with the help of which you can track not only DHL shipments but also parcels delivered by other companies.

Their advantages are not only in cooperation with many big and small couriers, but also instant information updates and often more user-friendly design than branded sites and applications. If you have any difficulty, you can find the lost package using the internal tools.

Stay on Top of Your Deliveries

Considering that online shopping has significantly increased recently, it is very convenient to have several options for tracking packages at hand. Whether you ship or receive goods, you are always aware of where your shipment is and when it will be at your spot. Just choose the most suitable tracking method for you, and modern technologies will do the rest.