4 Advantages of Hosting Your Website on a Dedicated Server for Small Business in 2019


 Choosing a hosting solution may be overwhelming for many small business owners. There are many different plans and packages are available in the market such as shared website hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS, Cloud server and dedicated server. Finding the right solution for your business needs is not easy and each plan and configuration has its own benefits and challenges. For instance, if you are only interested in having an online presence, a few static pages, then shared website hosting solution is right for you but if you have an online business with a lot of traffic then you should consider a more sophisticated solution like a Dedicated Server. Let’s look at some the advantages of hosting your website on a dedicated server:

1.Improved Performance

You will enjoy a superior performance as all the resources (Memory, Disk and CPU) are physically dedicated to you and you are the only client on the server. For high traffic websites or applications dedicated server is an ideal solution as all the server power and resources are at your disposable.

2.Improved Security and Reliability

Since you are the only user on the Dedicated Server you do not have to worry about cross-site contamination and other user activities that might impact your website performance negatively. You also have the flexibility to use all the tools and features available to you at the OS level to close ports, configure server-level firewall and restrict access. Dedicated server hosting makes your life easier to become PCI or HIPPA complaint as you have all the access to make the necessary configuration and implement adequate security measures in place.


When ordering a dedicated server you normally have the option of customizing your resources based on your requirements for instance if you require faster storage you can go with SSD or NVME, or if your application requires 64GB or 128 GB memory, or if you are doing a big data project you can upgrade your CPU.

4.Administrative Powers

You will have full access to the Dedicated Server which means:

  • You have the privileges to install software, applications and configure them whichever way you like.
  • You have the access to run the OS update and apply the security patches.
  • You can configure your system settings, change your network configuration, apply firewall settings and manage user access.
  • Depending on the hosting provider you might also be given console access so that you can troubleshoot and solve the critical problems remotely.