The 4 Factors You Should Consider While Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency


When it comes to implementing or revamping digital marketing strategies in a business, it is always advisable to ensure it balances especially if the in-house team is in charge or outsourcing is necessary.

Most of the time the in-house marketing team lacks the time or specific skills and knowledge to handle certain chores. At this juncture, hiring a digital marketing agency can help lessen work overload and harmonize your efforts with specialist support.

However, as you think of hiring a digital marketing agency, it is important to understand how to choose the right digital marketing agency.

To help you choose the right digital agency, we’ve compiled 8 points you need to keep an eye on before hiring a digital marketing agency. Check it out!

  1. Identify the services you need to achieve your goals.

To put it in a simple way for you to reach your destination when traveling, you must first find out what you need to reach there. First, if you will use a car, it must be fueled, it must be checked to ensure it is safe for you to ride on it. The same applies here. Before going out to look for an agency, you must look inside your company. Check the marketing objectives for the year from your business plan.  Discuss with your staff and find out what needs to be done to achieve those objectives. The come up with a kind of action plan with the strategies to be used and identify what your internal team can do. From here, you will know what your marketing needs are that is the gaps that a digital marketing agency can fill.

  1. Industry experience

It is more worthy to find an agency that has experience in your industry although there are agencies that specialize in wide verticals.  Additionally, you should find out if the agency has had success with a similar type of conversion objectives. Note that experience in a specific industry is definitely helpful but not one of the essential items when looking for a good agency.

  1. Agency size

There are various agencies that have 2 people and others have 200 people. This does not guarantee right answers to which agency you should consider hiring but the size of the agency really matters in relation to your companies needs however, there are ups and downs in both small and large agencies. Note that, you can hire a small agency and have more direct access to the most experienced assets at the agency but if only it is the right agency for your company. On the other hand, large agencies can offer steadiness and a breadth of resources and have good processes in place which often helps but sometimes leads to the inflexibility of the agency and more difficult to work with.

  1. Talk to other customers

You can expand your research of the right agency by reaching out to clients served by the agency. There are agencies that show their client list on their site to show their social proof. This is like they want to tell you if they serve company X they can also serve you even better. You can achieve this by asking questions about the performance of the agency.