4 Reasons Why Your Business can’t do without Video Marketing


Your business can’t use outdated marketing mediums. You can try keeping up with other competitors with old strategies. I’m sorry to say but you’re already falling behind. And you may never catch up if you don’t adjust.

I know it’s daunting to keep up with modern development. This applies to technology, media and trends. Looking for excuses won’t help your business.

The current trend is using videos for marketing, product showcasing and social media activity.

Knowing the value of something may motivate you. If you know WHY you pursue a goal it’s easier to follow through.

Video marketing influences all spheres of your business. Yes you may dread the hard work it requires. But you’ll love what it adds to your business.

  1. It’s Profitable

Isn’t increased profit a big enough reason to start making a video today?

You can use online free software or your Smartphone camera. These options won’t deliver high quality products. If you need to get ahead of your competitors it’s prudent to invest some money.

Videos require some capital investment:

  • You can purchase equipment or software to make your own videos.
  • You can pay professionals to make the videos for you.

I promise you these expenses are worth it. Videos improve:

  • Sales figures: More people respond to videos than ordinary text or images. If a video is focused on making sales you have a strong possibility it will be successful.
  • ROI: This applies to sales and marketing. If you’re looking for more followers or website traffic videos can make it happen. People respond more to videos than simple images or texts.
  1. It’s the Best Showcasing Method

Videos—infographics or real recordings—can communicate a lot of information in a short period.

Here’s how it improves how you run your business.


I often tire of searching for concise accurate information online. Some websites have extensive descriptions. I simply don’t have the time to read it.

I’ve learnt to jump to videos for optimum clarity.

When I use videos for my business I know they communicate detail in ways pictures can’t. Not even words are as effective. Most people will never bother to read them. If I’m like that why would my audience be different?

If you need to communicate benefits or show how an item works videos are the best tools.

Trust from Customers

It takes time to build trust with customers. Perhaps they only see you and your products once in a while.

Using videos on your website and social media platforms increases the time you spend with consumers. They can have daily input from you.

Showcase departments or your employees. Increased knowledge builds trust. This can be trust in your company or your products.

You want your customers to trust. Trust results in loyalty and increase in sales. I spend more at vendors I know well. How do I know I’ll get the same level of service from someone new?

Effortless Communication

Communication with customers is vital. Now you don’t have to trust verbal communication only.

A video sent via email or posted on Facebook reaches many people. You can deliver a message about the company or products.

You want to use this medium. It makes more impact. It’s proven that visual stimulation has lasting effects on the brain. Your customers will remember more about you—or your products—and recall it effortlessly. When they’re out shopping this will help them make decisions.

With current settings on Facebook your videos play automatically. You start communicating with customers whether they initiate a virtual conversation or not.

Dynamic Marketing

You want your marketing to start a process. Here’s why you should give videos a try:

  • Visual impulses are more memorable as mentioned above. When your customers are out shopping which marketing tool will they remember best? Your video or a competitor’s flyer? Guess whose product will be bought.
  • Videos are proven to make email marketing more effective. People scan their inboxes for the most important items. If they don’t expect value from certain messages they can ignore them. Studies show emails that mention videos are opened at least 10% more than others.
  1. They’re Algorithm Friendly

The subject of videos is all about harnessing the correct tools. If the market changes you can’t use outdated methods.

The market has changed a lot.

These days your business’ success is determined by your online presence. How do you fare in this arena?

Search Engines

You want your website and blog to have high SEO ratings. The algorithms that search for the best websites are designed to take note of videos. These algorithms see when people enjoy viewing videos on your website. They present your website to more users so others can have the same experience.

Social Media

I hope a large part of your marketing is focused on social media. It’s one of the best ways to reach current and potential customers.

The algorithms on these platforms have similar requirements than search engines. They’re designed to offer users the best posts. Videos rate high on this scale. If you post a video instead of an image you’re more likely to be noticed.

  1. Customers Love Them

I hope you realize it’s about what they want. The customers. Not you or your employees.

If you don’t meet needs you won’t meet your budget. Your customers don’t want to listen to or view lengthy descriptions. Circumvent this laziness by offering videos.

Videos also carry a reputation of being entertaining. If your video is opened with this expectation your customers are already positively inclined. This enables their brains to accept more information.

It’s almost absurd that we don’t use video marketing more. It resembles life closely. I can showcase a message or item accurately. With words and images I’m always concerned about misunderstandings. Videos will transform the impact your business makes. We all love going to the movies. Now movies can work for you.