4 Reasons People Use Hidden Spy Apps

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It sounds like something out of a psychological thriller movie, but the reality is that millions of people use hidden spyware apps on smartphones and other mobile devices every year. Whether for business or personal use, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this kind of technology and many reasons that people choose to use them.

1. It Helps Parents Protect Young Children

The internet can be a dangerous place for anyone, but it is especially treacherous for adolescents. From people pretending to be children on kid-friendly apps and websites to adult-themed content that can slip through filters on YouTube, there are people and types of media content all over the internet that parents don’t want their children to fall victim to. Spyware applications allow parents to monitor what young children are looking at and who they are talking to so that anything that raises red flags can be dealt with immediately.

2. It Allows Parents to Keep Tabs on Older Children

Most middle and high school-aged children are genuinely good kids, but almost every teenager gets into some trouble at one time or another. Parents who suspect their kids aren’t where they claim to be or are with people they aren’t supposed to be hanging out with may decide that monitoring cell phones and tablets is the best way to ensure a young adult’s safety without being physically with him or her. Spyware apps also make it easier for parents to monitor kids who have been restricted to using their devices for education or work purposes only.

3. It Can Help Someone Track a Spouse

Hidden spyware is often used by one spouse who suspects the other of being unfaithful. Most people can tell when symptoms related to adultery are popping up, such as not coming home on time, stories that don’t add up, or otherwise changing routine patterns. However, talking about suspicions without proof can be difficult and often leads to a “he said, she said” standoff. Spyware apps allow the suspecting partner to track who the potential cheater is talking to and the websites or apps he or she is using. This way, one partner can determine if the other is doing something outside of the boundaries of the relationship and decide how to confront the situation and whether to continue the relationship or part ways.

4. It Helps Employers Monitor Their Employees

Corporate espionage may be part of those action-packed thriller movies, but like spyware, the concept is a very real one. Employers of high-end corporations that stand to lose a lot if the competition gets its hands on important information often turn to spyware apps to keep track of employees. The apps track who the employee talks to on the phone, whether he or she is taking pictures or screenshots of sensitive information, what he or she looks at in social network apps or on the web browser, and much more.

Of course, it’s important to understand that this type of spyware can have serious repercussions if discovered. The smartest idea is to talk to the corporation’s lawyers first to determine how to safely and legally monitor employees. Many companies, such as Google, use hidden spy apps for Android even though the employees know the app is there. This legality allows for tracking the employee with his or her consent but keeps the app from interfering with daily lives.

If you are interested in purchasing and using a spyware app like pcTattletale, which is considered one of the best on the market, it is important to consider why and whether it’s safe and legal to do so. While young children aren’t likely to know or care if you are monitoring them, other people could feel violated if you use the app without consent. While there are many benefits to spyware, remember to consider ethics and whether you can handle the potential consequences first.