4 Reasons to Pursue a Trucking Side Hustle


Working a job can be amazing with a nice constant salary and perks from the company. However, it can never compare to the amazing benefits of running a successful business. 

Since starting a business can be a scary thing, you can dip your feet into it without losing your job and steady paycheck by starting a side hustle. With everything being digital, there has never been a better time to pursue a side hustle than now. 

While many people are pursuing digital businesses, starting out in the e-commerce world can be incredibly challenging. Moreover, it needs constant work, and maintaining a position once you start making money is a whole other challenge. 

Therefore, you should look into other businesses that you can start as a side hustle and later on completely immerse yourself into when they are making enough money. 

With a trucking business, you only need to follow the MN DOT commercial vehicle requirements and government regulations, everything else you can do from anywhere. 

Let’s dive into the details, here are some reasons why you should consider a trucking business as a side hustle.

Handle Everything Online

With a side hustle, you need a business project that doesn’t require big startup capital and doesn’t take up your entire day. It should be a business that you can dive into and test the waters to see if it’s the right fit for you. If it is, then you will automatically want to do more to make it successful and scale it.

With a trucking business, you have that opportunity. On the outside, you may not realize but you can handle a starting trucking company with mostly your mobile and using your laptop only sometimes. 

It’s not difficult to do with a fleet management app, employee management tools, and quality dispatch software, among others. With everything on your mobile and laptop, you can handle the back office of the business all by yourself in the beginning without much effort. You can even find truckers willing to transport loads for you, which makes it easier to start.

Easy to Find Orders

Another important aspect of a side hustle is the ease of finding customers and getting your first order. With some side hustles, you have to compete with tons of others around the world for customers. But with the right one, you will only have to compete with a few because it is nearly impossible to have no competition.

With the trucking business, you can enjoy the online boards where companies and businesses post about their logistics needs and you can offer them a quote according to your rates. To make things even better, you don’t even need to pay a fee for many of these boards. Once you get used to the free ones, you can look into paid boards to see the difference and try to find more customers for your business. 

Traveling and Flexibility

Many people start side hustles to have a source of income that they can eventually use to have some flexibility in their lives. They may have travel aspirations, but their 9 to 5 desk job doesn’t leave much time to get out of their towns or cities.

When you start a trucking business, you have the opportunity to travel right from the beginning. Even if you have drivers for your trucks, you can try taking up orders on the weekends yourself and travel while making money. On the other hand, you can lease or buy a used truck to occasionally deliver loads yourself if you’re starting with hiring drivers with their own trucks in the beginning. You can visit parts of the country, and relax on the road without having to worry about the costs or time.

With a trucking business, you can also relocate to other places you always wanted to live once your business can cover your living expenses. The hustle will allow you to move worry-free without having to find a job first. If you still want to work a job, you can move and find one or become an auto-entrepreneur

Not Everyone Is Doing It

Looking up side hustles on the internet, you can find many things to take up that you can do right from home. But, you will mostly find ones that require some skills, difficulty getting steady clients, bigger starting financial commitments, or they may be small jobs you can do in your free time.

A trucking business is something not everyone is getting into for their side hustles. Even if you look around, anyone you come into contact with in your life will rarely have a trucking business. So, why not be different and try something that has the potential to make you financially stable and independent?