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Business event planning is a huge undertaking, no matter the type or the industry.At the same time, with ever-changing technology, it is important that businesses implement the latest trends so that they are not left behind. This is true for their core competencies as well as their event planning.

As already stated, event planning is a huge challenge. Businesses who engage in event planning should strive to use all resources currently available to them, as well as those that have been newly developed through advancements in technology, to make sure that their event is both enjoyable and educational for their attendees as well as profitable for themselves. Therefore, businesses should consider utilizing some of the latest technology in event planning: apps.

  1. Shares Up-to-Date Information with Your Attendees

One of the biggest challenges that exists when it comes to event planning is effective communication. When there are hundreds or even thousands of attendees at an event it can be nearly impossible to make sure that everyone is on the same page. However, nearly everyone in the professional world nowadays owns a smartphone. Communicating through an app can give everyone attending the event pertinent information through a device that they already carry around with them all the time. This is vital for sharing last minute changes, safety warnings, or even just what is coming up next. Improving communication can instantly elevate a good event to a great one.

  1. Allows Instant Communication between Attendees and Coordinators

Apps can help coordinators receive instant feedback about workshops, speakers, or seminars through surveys, questionnaires, or reviews that are administered directly through the app. The app also has the ability to collect and analyze the results in real time.Attendees would also have the ability to quickly notify an event coordinator of any issues or concerns. People who feel heard and who feel as though they have power will also feel much more connection and ownership over the event which will enhance their overall experience. This instant communication could allow event coordinators to make instant improvements to the event which would greatly improve attendee satisfaction. Satisfied attendees are much more likely to attend events again, tell their friends to attend, and patronize the business that organized the events.

  1. Generates Income

Many apps have the ability to place ads on them. This benefits sponsors of the ads by allowing them to gain immense amounts of exposure. By advertising on an event app, advertisers immediately gain access right into the hands of a large group of people. However, it also benefits the event coordinators who can charge for these advertisements and use the funds to cover the costs of the event itself. Allowing the event to essentially pay for itself would be a boon for many businesses who have tight budgets.

  1. Encourages Networking

Apps also have options for attendees to share photos and videos from the event or chat about their experience with other event-goers. This encourages attendees to make connections with other people at the event which enhances their experiences making it more meaningful and long-lasting than just a day or a weekend. A community atmosphere is created when people interact with each other which fosters collaboration, innovation, and creativity. Networking is a huge reason why many working professionals attend business events so event coordinators should do everything they can to increase the networking potential of their events for the benefit of all.

Event planning can be a daunting, tedious, and stressful process, but with the help of modern technology like apps it certainly doesn’t have to be. Event coordinators should be more focused on the holistic experience they hope to give to their attendees rather than sweating the small details. With apps like, this is easier than ever before. Any business looking to plan an event in the near future should not ignore the benefits of using an event planning app.