Did you know using technology is one of the best ways to improve your business efficiency? Here are some recent technology advances you’ll want to check out.

Technology is a curse and a blessing. While the world bemoans our constant distractions, businesses are taking recent technology advances to the next level.

Technology is merely a tool. Whether it helps or hinders your operation is up to you and your employees.

In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to give you a glimpse into five technologies that will hit your productivity out of the park. Let’s check them out.

  1. Recent Technology Advances: Automation and A.I.

When people think of AI, they picture robots and machines ruling over mankind. Today, the AI revolution looks far different. You may not even realize when you’re interacting with artificial intelligence.

We began automating production as early as the 1920s when Ford created the assembly line car manufacturing process. Today, machines do the automation work for us.

We’re automating things like invoicing, job applications, check stub maker, cloud services, software testing, etc. You might have even talked to an A.I. without even noticing. Recently chatbots have been fooling people and passing the Turing Test with flying colors.

  1. Collaboration Technology

In 2008, Google introduced the Google cloud. Programs like Google Docs allowed teams to collaborate on white papers, share ideas, and other project details.

Today, programs like Slack are taking it to the next level and creating remote workspaces. Recently a small startup in Washington State began working on a Slack-like app.

This app allows remote workers to hear each other and talk to each other in real-time. It’s like working in a real office with co-workers nearby.

  1. Technology Hacks Time

Not only are we able to collaborate across the globe allowing businesses to essentially run 24-7, but we’re also able to collaborate on time. What does that mean?

It means we can sync business meetings and bypass the secretary all together. It means we won’t forget to do that one project because our calendar and watch both communicate with us.

You can quickly plan your week without needing a physical calendar nearby. Your coworkers can stay up to date you on your schedule. Time is no longer your master but you master time.

  1. The Third Party Plug-In

Back when Microsoft implemented spell-check English teachers had a heart attack. It’s been almost thirty years¬†and we’re still typing “teh” instead of “the” thanks to the spell-check plugin.

And the problem gets worse with plug-ins like Grammarly. You don’t even have to type grammatically correctly any longer. And you can sound educated when you might not be.

But really, third-party plug-ins have boosted productivity in hundreds of ways. For SEO aficionados, the MOZ plug-in allows people to see site authority on the fly. This was something that was impossible only a few short years ago.

Consolidation Technologies Are the Final Technology

If you use too many apps at once, your productivity actually decreases. The goal is to consolidate your processes.

Since there is no such thing as multitasking, the goal is to minimize task switching. Deep work is more productive than shallow work. With recent technology advances, you can do this.

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