First things first, what is meant by the term SEO? SEO is a short term for search engine optimization. If you have a website, then you probably know how important SEO is when it comes to getting top search engine rankings. However, if you are new to SEO, this post is a good read for you. It is a guide that you will need to develop articles that will be acceptable for search engine optimization. Also to know more you can visit site –

With that said, (please) read on.

  • The first step to developing killer SEO content is to understand how to create content that will engage the audience. When your content piece (or pieces) is good enough to engage the audience, you can rest assured that the content will definitely entertain and drive conversions.

So, how do you ensure that your content will engage the audience? Well, as an SEO expert or a web content developer, you must do the following to ensure that your content is engaging:

  1. Be unpredictable – Give your readers more than what they expect. Nothing kills the attention of your audience faster that content than is obvious. Don’t let your readers have the feeling that they already know what you are going to say.
  2. Keep it real and stay simple –Being real means being authentic in your flow of words whereas simple means that your content should be easy to read and understand. Basically, make your content as real to your audience as possible, and you will create the kind of instant understanding that people are looking for.
  3. Be credible – First understand why you are writing. For instance, if you are writing to persuade your audience, start by hitting the gut way before the content sinks in the brain. If truth be told, if your content doesn’t work emotionally, then I’m sorry but logic will never get a chance to weigh in.

On the other hand,credibility also means being sure of what you are writing. Don’t beat around the bush but ensure that with every sentence, every paragraph,you give your readers reason to believe you.

  • Secondly, learn how to make your content easily available to a broad audience. As a matter of fact, ensure that your content is well optimized for search engine visibility. And by making your content visible, you will also be making your entire site visible as well.

So, how can you make your website and content visible by search engines?

  1. First, ensure that your site speed is commendable. For over 5 years now, Google and other search engines have considered site speed as one of their ranking signal. Therefore, ensure that your site pages load fast enough for Google algorithms to trace you.
  2. As for the content,ensure that you use relevant keywords and ensure that the keywords also appear in your page titles, URLs,and Meta descriptions. Google, Yahoo and Bing will use your keywords to gauge how relevant your content is. However, beware of Google algorithms because they are pretty good at spotting spam; so don’t use too many keywords in one article.
  3. Thirdly, create back links to your website. Back links are basically links from other sites to your own site. So even if you have perfect and award winning page titles, Meta descriptions and URLs, they will be as good as dead for your website unless you have back links pointing back to your site. Let’s just say that Google, Yahoo and Bing count these back links as simple ‘votes’ for your online content.
  4. Lastly, adhere to the SEO standards and set or rules for web content development set by Google. Search engines like Google are very helpful when it comes to guiding website owners on how to improve their sites performance for top search engine rankings. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can find a free guide to optimization of websites from Google.

Basically, the guide gives the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization that are not just for beginners but also for professional SEO experts. So, ensure that you read the guide to understand how SEO works and how important it is to create SEO friendly content.