4 Simple Yet Effective Tips For Making Your Web Conferences Interesting


Do you think that this never-ending (at least apparently) lockdown’s long web conference calls are taking a toll on your teammates?

Does it feel like they are just too tired to attend any more calls now?

Have their responses and energies significantly gone down?

If yes, you may need to charge-up the vibe of your conference calls. Long boring conversations can put the most enthusiastic souls to sleep.

So, for your next conference call, keep the following tips in mind, and whether it’s your teammates or clients on the other side, they will never be bored on a con-call with you.

1. Have a Plan

One primary reason why a web conference can go boring is that the host hasn’t planned it well.

Start with the question: “what is this web conference going to be about?”

This will give you the base motive of hosting this conference. Moving further, you can ask yourself questions like “who’s your audience?”, “what they might be expecting from this web conference?”, and “how you can add more value to your conference’s content?”.

Once you have answers to such questions, you will be able to create a plan about how this web conference will start, proceed and end.

As a result, there will be none or very few empty spaces, keeping other members from getting distracted.

2. Encourage Other Members To Participate

Yes, you might have tried to do that and not received desired results.

Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it may seem.

But we can’t just ask other members to participate and expect them to do so. If they are getting bored, they may get distracted even if they try hard to be attentive.

This is why we need to engage them by asking for feedback. Or by asking them to share a file or document that they were supposed to deliver.

And these are just two ideas to name. There can be a world of techniques that you can use to encourage interaction during your web conferences.

3. Use The Right Web Conferencing System And Learn To Use It

When the host or other members aren’t familiar with the web conferencing system, they may make awkward mistakes when the call is going on.

As a result, the con-call can either turn boring or weird for everyone else as well.

Plus, they may also get distracted from the main topic. And even a single moment of distraction can be enough to lose away the entire discipline.

Also, if the web conferencing tool of your choice doesn’t allow users to share certain files, everyone may have to switch between the email and web conferencing applications.

This can also be chaotic.

Make sure that you pick one from the best web conferencing programs depending on your specific needs. It will save you from a lot of hassle.

4. Don’t Stretch Too Long

No matter how interesting a movie is, you may get tired of it, if it doesn’t end in three hours. And sometimes, even three hours can be a lot of time.

The same holds true for your web conferences.

You can do everything to spice things up and make it interesting for your members, but if it goes on for too long, they may get drained out.

Don’t let that happen. This will adversely affect the overall productivity, as well.

Make sure that not more than two topics are covered in one go. If it’s urgent, remember to keep time for breaks.

Final words

At some point in time, all of us might have been a part of a boring web con-call. And the experience is nothing near pleasant.

That’s what motivated us to write this post, saving people the boredom of web conferences. Hopefully, this was helpful.