Earning passive income seems to be all the rage these days. And for good reason too, as the opportunities to make it a reality have been made possible with innovation.

Now, what exactly is passive income? The reality is that passive income isn’t quite literally passive, it just means it’s an easier way to multiply your money without having to work a set amount of hours for a company, or do a painstaking 9-5, which is the conventional way most people earn money.

Some of the ways you can earn passive income might mean doing the bulk of the work in the beginning, to then reap the benefits of that work over and over in the near future. Let’s look at five creative ways how you can start earning passive income while you sleep.

Invest In The Stock Market

This one is probably the most popular passive income strategy you have probably already heard of. And it’s popular because it works. But it works if you educate yourself on the subject and learn how to do it. It is best to think long term when investing in the stock market as there are ups and downs and the returns are best when you invest with a long term mindset.

The general guiding rule for investing in stocks is to diversify and not sell out of fear as there are always ups and downs in the market.

Invest in Real Estate

Luxury rentals might not sound like a typical investment venture to take on, but with the building of luxury rentals on the rise across the country, it might just be your best bet. Before we dive in, it’s important to understand what is a luxury rental.
According to https://ownatlantic.com/, an Atlanta Luxury rental developer, and the Pew Research Center, more and more millennials are opting to rent instead of being homeowners. Why is it that more millennials are opting to rent instead of fulfilling the seemingly outdated practice of owning a home?

Many experts speculate that it is the echo of the housing bubble crisis in 2008 that still lingers. This is one of the many reason why investing in the growing luxury rental niche can be a sound investment.

Invest In An Online Business

With the power of the internet, there is no telling what you can do online. Everyday there are thousands of business owners working online from anywhere in the world making a more than comfortable living through an online business.

The magic of an online business is that you can work from anywhere and your customer base is literally worldwide. Some online businesses you can consider starting include opening your own online store, starting a blog, creating and selling e-books, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, and creating your own product, which is our next point.

Create An Information Product

The online exchange of information is growing at an exponential rate on a daily basis. Thousands of people are making money online with the creation of an information product. You can literally teach quite anything to people who want to learn and they’ll pay money to be taught.


The best part about creating an information product as passive income is that you can create it once and use it for as long as you like. It is a huge time and finance saver and a great way to start a ‘lean’ online business.

Passive Income Can Be A Reality

Passive income does not have to be something you just dream about. It can become a reality if you’re willing to put in the work first. That is what stops most people from making it, the amount of work it takes to make it all a reality.


There are many more ways to make passive income that aren’t on this list and are great viable options for you to try. It’s always best to do you research to see where your skills can be used best.

Barbara Smith is an influencer marketing pro with brownboxbranding.com who is passionate about building authentic relationships and helping businesses connect with their ideal online audience. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving digital marketing world by writing on the latest marketing advancements and focuses on developing customized blogger outreach plans based on industry and competition.