4 Social Media Automation Tools That Will Rule 2019 and Beyond


All aspiring entrepreneurs hope to generate new leads, build long-lasting relationships with clients and increase their sales. It’s really important that you achieve all these things for the overall growth of your business and company. Before Social Media became such an integral part of our lives, growing a business took immense efforts to create an effect. In addition to being creative and strategic in one’s sales strategies.

However, with changing times Social Media has evolved and has become a dominant force behind businesses keen on driving traffic to their websites and increasing sales conversions.

All business owners should take into account their overall gains and should evolve their marketing strategies to match up with the ever-changing nature of Social Media. Entrepreneurs have realized the true potential of having a constant online presence over multiple Social Media networks and how it helps to build a brand image that is crucial for online success.

Take the lead with Social Media Automation Tools

Running a social media campaign is one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies, and if you want your campaign to be successful, you need the assistance of social media marketing tools. You can find content, schedule the posts, measure and analyze the overall effect of the campaign.

  1. Buffer

Buffer continues to be the most recognized tool this year. The tools are designed to manage accounts and allow you to schedule a variety of posts across multiple platforms. You can even set up the pattern of posts. Use Buffer to follow up on the posts, analyze and evaluate the results of the marketing campaign.

Why Buffer is the best!

  • Share to multiple social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc
  • Maintain a constant web presence, which will help to build the account following
  • Get analytics for each update and post
  • Find new content to share


MeetEdger or Edger allows you to schedule, curate and re-share content which in turn optimizes the traffic to your website. It also manages the content and connects to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can check the traffic to your website and increase engagement. The tool comes with an inbuilt feature of an auto-refill queue, which keeps posting to social media accounts.

Edger is really beneficial

  • Doubles your website traffic by constantly posting evergreen content
  • You do not run out of posts because of its automated auto-refill content queue
  • You can follow the number of clicks and analyze the results
  • Has an unlimited content library


This tool has a calendar feature that manages your social media. It also has a calendar feature that manages your social media campaign. If you are part of an in-house marketing team, entrepreneur or have a small business, this tool is the perfect fit for your marketing needs.

CoSchedule is tempting!

  • It lets you make a unified project calendar
  • You have inbuilt project timelines
  • Email marketing is integrated and has reusable templates
  • Automated posting times with advanced analytics


As your social media manager, Crowdfire gives you the ability to schedule as well as find content. With this tool, you can find other similar content, publish on sites, blogs and schedule it. It is an all-rounder performer that has support for RSS feed, can add images as per the topic, and do content refinement.

Crowdfire is a manager

  • Track the engagement metrics and monitor your competitor’s followers
  • You are supported by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest
  • You can customize your posting times as per your schedule
  • Track your non-followers

Staying consistent across several Social Media Platforms is important for promotion as well as user engagement. By automating your posts, you also catch the attention of the targeted audience. Marketing automation lets you increase your social media campaigns. The key is to keep building new followers while maintaining older ones.