Today’s small business owners, telecommuters, startup launchers and freelancers need reliable mobile technology gear like no professional generation before. On the surface, it may seem challenging when searching for practical approaches to settling in to work in the airport, local café or atop the comforter of a hotel bed, but there are easy solutions with the right hardware and software.

Consider adding a few of the following four essential tech options to your own tech travel kit.

1. Stay on Schedule with Time-Tracking Software

Whether you need to log your time to submit to clients on an assortment of projects, or you simply want to make the most of each moment of your work day, investing in time-tracking software, such as Toggl, is crucial to your nomadic work style. This type of software program makes it simple for you to track hours for specific projects. This allows you to generate invoices that clearly lay out your work on each facet of a project for a particular client.

2. Boost Productivity with a 4G LTE Laptop

If you have ever arrived at a meeting or hotel to discover there is no reliable Wi-Fi, you might have needed to quickly change locations or tether your laptop to your mobile account. With Qualcomm’s 4G LTE laptops, you get the best of all worlds in one lightweight machine. These mobile-based laptops combine the productivity of a laptop with the reliable connectivity of your mobile data so you can reach the internet anywhere and anytime. Additional highlights of this 4G laptop include stellar battery life and lightning-fast connectivity.

3. Get the Message Every Time with a Real-Time Messaging App

You instantly think of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for real-time messaging app options, but consider Slack. Slack places a firm emphasis on connecting busy professional teams, bringing everyone’s communication together in a central and pleasant virtual environment. As a bonus, Slack offers a high-caliber file-sharing feature that makes it a breeze to send massive attachments that might otherwise become hung up or lost in your email system.

4. Make Sure You’ve Always Got the Power with a Portable Charger

With all the potential tech gear you stow away into your handy bag, there is a good chance that the battery may occasionally drain all the way to empty on your smartphone or tablet. A portable charger, or power bank, is the perfect solution. You may not need to use your power bank for several weeks or longer, depending on how diligently you charge your devices at night, but you will always feel relieved on those occasions when your device flatlines.

There is so much available tech out there to help you keep up with your daily desk duties, no matter how far from your office you are. With key items that allow for maximum productivity, like a highly portable 4G LTE laptop and a messaging app that helps you keep in touch with colleagues, you can always feel connected to your office wherever you may roam.