4 Tips If You Want To Start Hiring Freelancers


For a lot of businesses, hiring freelancers is inevitable. Whether it be for one-off creative work or a short-term employee that’s needed on a project, freelancers are great in helping us fill in the gaps. However, bringing on the best and brightest isn’t always the easiest task, which is why you need to set yourself up to be the most attractive option for them. Here’s how:

Reassess If You Have A Brand They Can Stand Behind

 A primary aspect of hiring freelancers is creating a great brand. As noted by CrowdSpring, 91 percent of consumers say they’ll buy from an authentic brand over anything else, which also equally rings true for wanting to work for someone. People are willing to put in the effort for those who they feel like have done the same for their craft, which one of the first signals of that is with their brand.

When looking at your brand, ask yourself what type of personality comes off from it. Is it warm and inviting? Cold and fierce? Whatever the case may be, it needs to be reflective as much as it can towards the type of image you’re looking to convey. While it’s understandable that branding can be expensive, it’s also well worth the investment you put in, as this going to be something that not only will generate a better pool of talent, but a more attractive brand long-term.

 Make A Great Online Profile

 Another important aspect of hiring freelancers is creating a great online profile to share around, which is an absolute necessity in getting things off the ground. In fact, according to information compiled by the Denver Post, 50 percent of people Google someone before they meet them (especially professionally). As a freelancer, this is a key component to learning both the type of experience you have as much as it does getting a glimpse for your personality. Even though you most likely already have a grasp on your online profiles, getting everything on-point in the right places is crucial.

To begin, take a look at the current profiles you have, as well as what mediums might be necessary moving forward. For example, a tech CEO like Thomas Zaccagnino is going to have profiles on Crunchbase and Angel because those are primarily tech websites. Furthermore, have bios that work towards giving yourself more credibility and professional experience, highlighting the benefits of what exactly you can offer. The sooner you’re able to build an all-star profile, the sooner you can start showcasing it to those you’re trying to hire.

Hire A Lawyer

 Even if you have some standard contracts written for hiring freelancers, it’s always a smart idea to bring on a lawyer to double check your efforts. As noted by UpCounsel, with the average lawyer costing anywhere between $150 to $1,000 per hour, these individuals can get expensive pretty quickly. However, that’s why knowing not only who the right lawyer to hire is, but being efficient with them as well.

When it comes to hiring a lawyer, one of the first things you should consider is the type of experience they have in accordance with the type of freelancer you’re trying to hire. For example, lawyer Aaron Kelly does a great job with startups. If you need help with things like dividing equity with new hires or negotiating a “temp-to-perm” position, attorneys like him can do an excellent job. Take a look through the lawyers in your area that might specialize in the section of the law that you need, as this is going to be one of the most useful individuals to ensuring you get a fair shake.

Know How You’ll Pay Them

 Finally, as you’re getting your processes in place, one of the most imperative is knowing how you’ll pay them. This is key on both you and the freelancer’s end, as you both have a fair shake on when a transaction will happen, saving on your processes. Organization is crucial because as noted by Forbes, businesses lose 20 to 30 percent of revenue on inefficient processes, which is a factor you should avoid.

If you haven’t already, set up a few different mediums for sending payments from your business account. From PayPal to echecks, try to find competitive rates for your payment processing providers, as transaction fees can add up. Give yourself a few different options to test out, focusing on both speed, efficiency, and cost to find a happy medium for all parties involved.

What are some items you’ve used to hire freelancers? Comment with your answers below!